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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Monday, December 14 2020, 07:06 PM in Updates
The following updates will be applied on Tuesday 15th December at 15:30 rather than at the usual midnight maintenance slot. The server will be down for approx. 1-2 hours.

Christmas Seasonal Dungeon
A brand new dungeon just for the Christmas season.

Team up with upto 5 other players of ANY level and speak to Santa's Granddaughter, Marie, in Terminus to enter and defeat Bad Santa and his Cursed Christmas Trees.

Bad Santa doesn't care about your class, level, or gear, everyone is equal to Bad Santa! Anyone can tank him and anyone can help damage him. Take along your low level friends - they will be just as effective as a level 100 regardless of gear, items, and skills.

Bad Santa can drop Christmas Food, Fireworks, Pet Summoning Pieces, III/IV/V Equip Cards, Trophies, Christmas mounts and costumes, the Bad Santa title, and "other" stolen items.

You can enter one time per day and it resets at 00:00.

Speak to Marie for a new Daily Event quest to defeat Bad Santa.

Christmas Quests and Store
Marie has quests to hunt Christmas Shushus, rewarding a Christmas title, and quests to recover stolen gifts that reward a selection of delicious Christmas foods.

Marie's store sells Christmas themed costumes, mounts and accessories as well as items that can be purchased with Santa's Reward, obtained by completing some of her quests.

Christmas Pets
Marie has six winter themed pets that she will exchange for Pet Summoning Pieces and Santa's Rewards. Speak to Marie and click on Item Exchange to see what's available.

There is a pet of every type, Physical Melee, Magical Melee, Physical Ranged, Magical Ranged, Assist and Tank.

All Pet Summoning Pieces can be obtained by defeating the Christmas Shushu, Christmas Shushu Boss and Christmas Dungeon Shushu and Rudolph Summoning Pieces can also be obtained by defeating Rudolph the Lost.

Now is the perfect time to get yourself an Epic pet using the recently added Pet Upgrade System, by collecting loads of Christmas Pet Summoning Pieces! You need to collect enough to get 4 Unique scrolls and you have yourself an Epic pet. Use the first scroll to summon the Unique pet and the other 3 to upgrade it to Epic quality.

The Christmas Shushu
The Christmas Shushu can be found roaming the snowy areas of Arcana. He drops Christmas Fireworks to replenish your HP, MP, or both, and also usually has some Christmas event foods and pet summoning pieces too!

But beware, the much stronger Christmas Shushu Boss might also appear somewhere in Arcana at any time, laden with Christmas gifts stolen from Marie's shop. You might need to gather your friends if you hope to defeat this one!

He drops pet summoning pieces, Santa and Rudolph the Reindeer costumes, Christmas Sleigh and Thousand Year Old Reindeer mounts, Festive Squidink vanity pet and plenty of Christmas food and fireworks.

Start your Shushu hunt in the snowy areas of Shebuz Snowfield, Shrouded Valley, Altus Gorge, Hidden Cavern, Conflict Valley and Frozen Nest.

Dungeon Christmas Shushu
Adventurers might also discover the Dungeon Christmas Shushu at the end of their level 85+ dungeon runs. This guy has similar strength and abilities to the Christmas Shushu Boss and drops similar items including pet summoning pieces.

Christmas Bonus Game Buffs
Sat 19th - Thu 24th Dec: 200% EXP/SXP
Fri 25th - Wed 30th Dec: 300% EXP/SXP
Fri 25th - Sun 27th Dec: 100% Item Luck, 100% Battlefield Point Bonus, 100% Reputation, 10% Quest EXP/SXP.

New Years Eve and Day Bonus Game Buffs
Thu 31st Dec - Fri 1st Jan: 300% EXP/SXP, 100% Item Luck, 100% Battlefield Point Bonus, 100% Reputation, 10% Quest EXP/SXP.

Seasonal Boss & Christmas Shushu Kill Buffs
Defeating a world boss, the Christmas Shushu or Shushu Boss will also buff the entire server with a random Seasonal Buff including bonuses to EXP, Money, Drops, Battlefield Points, Stats, Defense, Speed and more! These bonuses stack so you could have up to 15 buffs active at any one time.

Guild Alignment
When creating a new guild, you must now select if it's to be a Red or Blue aligned guild. This will determine which team the guild's members will be assigned to when joining battlefields and also which guilds a union can be formed with - both guilds must be the same alignment.

The guild interface window now displays a red or blue guild icon, depending on it's alignment. So if your guild is Red, it will display a red guild flag icon at the top of the guild window.

Notes for existing guilds:
Existing guilds have automatically been assigned Red or Blue depending on numerous factors to try to balance the amount of active players in each alignment.

If the Guild Leader wishes to change the guild's alignment, they can do so by visiting the Guild Management area of the Guild interface. They will find a new Align button that will allow them to change the guild's alignment ONCE. This button will no longer be visible after a change is made, and it is not visible to newly created guilds where you already choose which alignment you want it to be.

Depending on the balance between active Red and Blue players - this feature (Align button) may be disabled at any time without notice and changes made to the alignment of guilds where necessary. Where a guild's alignment is changed - the guild leader will be notified via ingame mail.

Guild Unions
All guild unions have been disbanded. You must reform your unions, ensuring both guilds are the same alignment.

Note: This is to be confirmed tomorrow. I may be able to keep existing unions.

Guild members now earn a Guild Contribution Point when they win a battlefield match (excluding Colosseum), and when they complete and hand in daily guild quests that are available from Chester Douglas in Terminus.

Member's Contribution decays by -1 Contribution Point every day, at midnight during the server restart, resulting in inactive members contribution gradually being reduced to nothing.

Members can also lose Contribution Points if they are reported AFK successfully in a battlefield using the /report function, or if they quit or disconnect from a battlefield match.

Guild member's total Contribution Points earned can be seen in the guild member listing.

When a Contribution point is earned, the guild's Rating will increase instantly, but the guild member's Contribution in the members list of the guild interface will update with a delay, just as when a member moves map, or levels up. This is to reduce the amount of information sent back to everyone in the guild. You will be notified in the chat window instantly though.

Guild Rating and Rank
Guilds now have a Guild Rating that is based on it's total used Guild Points (spent on Guild Perks), and it's member's total Contribution Points.

Until now, guilds were ranked on the guild's total EXP gained. This led to abandoned large guilds remaining at the top of the rankings. Guilds are now ranked based on the new Guild Rating, meaning guilds with active members that are playing the game and earning Contribution Points, will eventually rise above abandoned guilds, regardless of their level difference.

The guild's Rating and Rank can be seen in the guild interface below the other guild information such as name, leader, member count etc. Guilds are only ranked upto 100 - so any guild below rank 100 will display a 0 for Rank.

Note for Guild Leaders: When a member leaves the guild, or is kicked, the guild will lose that member's Contribution Points permanently and the Guild Rating, and therefore Rank also, will go down.

Guild Quests
Level 30+ guild members can now obtain Guild Quests by speaking to Chester Douglas in Terminus.

Take the quest [Guild Quest] Daily Guild Tasks from Chester and speak to him again to complete it, and he will add a random Guild Quest to your Quest Journal.

Most Guild Quests are easily completed by any level of player. Instead of kill 10 Fishy Wolves (level 85 monster), it's kill 10 Beast type monsters, or 2 Elites, 2 Veterans, or 2 Boss monsters - level doesn't matter.

There are also collection quests, but all of the requested items are tradeable so they can be traded from other players or purchased on the Auction House if you are unable to, or simply don't want, to gather them yourself.

If you don't like the Guild Quest you are given - you can simply delete it from your Quest Journal and speak to Chester again to obtain a new one. Chester will grant upto 20 Guild Quests per day and the counter will reset at 02:00 server time every day.

Guild Quests generally award 1 Guild Contribution Point.

Guild Finder
Guilds in the Guild Finder now display a red or blue guild icon depending on their alignment.

The Guild Finder listing now displays and orders by the guild's Rank and Rating, so players can see how active the guild is before joining or requesting to join.

A guild must have a Rating of 200 or more to be added to the Guild Finder, and any listed guild will be removed automatically if it's Rating falls below 200.

Guild Perks
All Guild Perks have been reset. The Guild Leader will need to reselect them.
Due to the additional perk and extra ranks of existing perks, do not expect to be able to max out all of the perks - even at max guild level.

New guild member perk, Elitist, added.

Rank 1 available at guild level 40: 2% Elite Bonus Damage
Rank 2 available at guild level 50: 4% Elite Bonus Damage
Rank 3 available at guild level 60: 6% Elite Bonus Damage
Rank 4 available at guild level 70: 8% Elite Bonus Damage
Rank 5 available at guild level 80: 10% Elite Bonus Damage

New ranks have been added to several existing guild perks.

Nero's Will
New ranks 9-10 added.

Rank 9 available at guild level 58: 2600 Max HP
Rank 10 available at guild level 64: 3030 Max HP

Nero's Commitment
New ranks 6-10 added.

Rank 6 available at guild level 40: 45 HP Recovery
Rank 7 available at guild level 46: 56 HP Recovery
Rank 8 available at guild level 52: 68 HP Recovery
Rank 9 available at guild level 58: 82 HP Recovery
Rank 10 available at guild level 64: 98 HP Recovery

Sanctified Mana
New ranks 9-10 added.

Rank 9 available at guild level 58: 2025 Max MP
Rank 10 available at guild level 64: 2375 Max MP

Sanctified Mind
New ranks 6-10 added.

Rank 6 available at guild level 40: 34 MP Recovery
Rank 7 available at guild level 46: 43 MP Recovery
Rank 8 available at guild level 52: 53 MP Recovery
Rank 9 available at guild level 58: 64 MP Recovery
Rank 10 available at guild level 64: 76 MP Recovery

Helen's Battle Strength
New ranks 9-10 added.

Rank 9 available at guild level 84: 243 Physical Attack
Rank 10 available at guild level 92: 285 Physical Attack

Helen's Blessing
New ranks 9-10 added.

Rank 9 available at guild level 84: 243 Magic Attack
Rank 10 available at guild level 92: 285 Magic Attack

Agnes's Mercy
New ranks 9-10 added.

Rank 9 available at guild level 84: 243 Healing
Rank 10 available at guild level 92: 285 Healing

Rank 7 All Stats increased from 70 to 72.
Rank 8 All Stats increased from 85 to 89.

New ranks 9-10 added.

Rank 9 available at guild level 110: 106 All Stats
Rank 10 available at guild level 120: 126 All Stats

Joining a battlefield (excluding Colosseum) now requires you to be a member of a guild.

When joining a battlefield, members of Red guilds will always be on the Red Team, and members of Blue guilds will always be on the Blue Team.

If 6 Red guild members, and 5 Blue guild members request to join a battlefield, 1 of the Red guild members will be rejected and the match will be 5vs5.

Signup Order
The method used to decide which players get rejected from uneven battlefield teams has changed from the player(s) with the lowest Level and Hero Rating, to the player(s) that accepted the battlefield invitation last. So it's last in, first out now. This is an experimental change and may be reverted to use the Hero Rating again.

Optimised the ranking systems and reduced the amount of database work required. Everything is now cached and refreshed every 1 hour. This means that some of the ranking pages that were "live" before, Hero Rating, Fame, Chaos, Battlefield, Colosseum and Pets, and pages that updated at 00:00 every night, Guild, Vortex, Snow Mountain, Hall of Elements and Garden of Baphomet, now update every hour on the hour.

In fairness to multi-hit Dagger and Dual-Sword using classes (Wind Walker, Assassin, Soul Blader, Myrmidon), Karma is now reduced once per auto-attack or skill hit, instead of each multi-hit. This is not limited to just those classes - any class, monster transformation, or pet, that has a multi-hit skill, will also benefit from this change.

Skills that do damage to multiple targets (AoE skills) remain as they were and Karma is reduced by 1 for each target they damage.

Karma Award
Players will no longer be awarded +10 Karma for defeating an Unlawful or Chaotic player that has the PK Defeat debuff.

Karma recovery time improved when in prison. You will now recover 1 Karma every 30s instead of every 1 minute.

Corrected an issue with Iron and Silver Veins sometimes being empty.

Wildwood's Owl egg now has a chance to contain 1, 2 or 3 eggs.

Mechanic Change
You can now pass on your previously reforged item's skin to a new item.

Reforging an item using a previously reforged item as the Schematic, will now reforge the new item with the reforged skin, not the original skin.

Example: You previously reforged your Huge Greatsword with the Super Amazing Greatsword as the schematic - so your Huge Greatsword looks like Super Amazing Greatsword.

You just got a new Massive Greatsword and reforged it, using your old Huge Greatsword that was reforged to look like Super Amazing Greatsword.

Result before: Massive Greatsword would be reforged to look like Huge Greatsword.

Result now: Massive Greatsword will be reforged to look like Super Amazing Greatsword.

Corrected a bug with reforging armor, weapons and mantles - the reforged item's tooltip would not say a the item was reforged until you relogged your character.

Corrected some issues with the Do Not Attack monsters getting hit by certain types of Area of Effect skills even when not targeted. They are no longer affected by any type of area skill including channeled, totems, traps, circles etc.

Melee Reach Stat
The Melee Reach stat (the melee version of Range stat) will now affect Charge type skills.
Plate wearing classes Charge I/II/II
Champion's Soaring Dragon
Vanquisher's Slaughter
Soul Blader's Iron Grip
Myrmidons Crusader Strike I/II
Wind Walker's Shifting Blow I/II
Assassin's Shifting Blow I/II and Phase Collision.

Heal Numbers
Corrected a bug that was preventing large heal numbers displaying correctly. It was just a display issue - the heals themselves were healing for the correct amount.

Corrected an issue with the ranking interface not always showing hovertips when you hover the mouse over the heading labels.

Lucky Legendary Box: Golden Shard
Due to player requests, I have added new Lucky Legendary Box: Golden Shard to the Shopping Mall for 15 Moolah.
This box can contain a Golden Shard required by the level 85 Legendary quest, The Eye of Horus, or a Blessed Potion I.

Threat Food
Corrected the tooltip of several food items that grant the Threat stat.

Garden of Baphomet Sets
Modified the Fiery Sun's Garb (healer set) set bonuses from level 90 and 100 Garden of Baphomet.
Boss Damage changed to Max HP and Magic Attack changed to Healing.

Please could you let me know if you experience any client crashes when fighting the world boss Namazu and make sure you submit the crash report. I noticed a few reports showing crashes at Namazu and need more reports to help me fix it. Submit and then message me with your character name and date and approx time it happened. Thanks!
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