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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Thursday, October 04 2018, 02:26 PM in Updates
The game client installer has been fully updated with all patches as well as other improvements to the game assets for many maps, NPCs and monsters. Some of these improvements will be patched in for existing installed game clients, but some are quite large in size so will only be available if you re-download the installer.

The optimisations include reduced memory usage and slightly faster loading times when moving maps.

Asset optimisations include:
Port Plunder map, monsters and NPCs
Grand Wildwoods map, monsters and NPCs
Tainted Fen map, monsters and NPCS
Sandstorm Desert map, monsters and NPCS
Catacombs map and monsters
Snow Mountain map and monsters
Hall of Elements map
Magic Tower map and NPC
Golden Temple map and monsters
Wonderland map and monsters
Von Steins Mansion map and monsters
Dead Man's Peak map and monsters

The client installer is available to download now.

The downloads page has been updated with the new links.
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Added in the last patch.
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