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posted on Friday, April 02 2021, 11:59 PM in Updates
The server will be down for a maintenance of approx. 1 hour at 00:00 tonight to patch in Easter events and other changes. Please read below for more info.

The Easter Rabbit, Momo, is back in Terminus for Easter! Selling Easter themed costumes, mounts and accessories in her store for Scrub's Tears and Moolah, and Easter event food for Money Envelopes which can be obtained by completing quests. The Moolah costumes, accessories and mounts can also be found in the Shop with a 10% discount applied.


Momo has several quests available including a chain quest to build a +70% speed Carrot Kart mount!


Make sure to check the other Terminus residents for more Easter event quests. Look out for the bright pink exclamation marks above the NPCs and on the map!

Easter Pets
Two Easter pets are available from Momo's exchange store in exchange for Pet Summoning Pieces and Money Envelopes.


Aoba Rabbit Summoning Pieces can be found on the Aoba Rabbits that have invaded the Logging Area and Stone Egg Golem Summoning Pieces from Stone Egg Golems all around Arcana.

Momo will be in Terminus until Friday 9th April at midnight.

Easter Bonus Game Buffs


There will be a 50% bonus to item drops, 50% bonus Battlefield Points and a 50% bonus to Gold drops from monsters on Easter Sunday and Monday, Sunday 4th and Monday 5th April.

Easter Topup Bonus
You can get 20% Bonus Moolah this Easter when you topup - just topup as normal ingame or here on the website and receive an additional 20% Moolah. The bonus is applied to all types of topups including mobile phones.

The 20% Bonus Moolah will be available from now until Friday 9th April at midnight, so don't miss out!


Recipes are now ordered by their Assistant Skill level requirement.

Corrected an issue that was causing random recipes to sometimes get hidden.

New Recipes
[Recipe] HP Regeneration Potion V
[Recipe] MP Regeneration Potion V
[Recipe] Vitality Potion V

These drop from some level 78-88 monsters in Sandfall Desert, Pandan Cove, Pandahama Island and Sandstorm Desert - check nsDB for exact monsters.

Ingredient Changes
Some of the ingredient requirements for the following recipes have changed:
Enriched HP Potion (all)
Enriched MP Potion (all)
Vitality Potion (all)
Enriched Vitality Potion (all)
HP Regeneration Potion (all)
MP Regeneration Potion (all)
HP Potion VI
MP Potion VI

This includes changes to the amount of Magic Essence/Magic Essence Powders required, with reductions to the Regeneration Potions and additions to the Enriched HP/MP, Vitality/Enriched Vitality recipes.
The V/VI potion recipe Magic Essence requirements have changed to more level appropriate materials such as Humbled Soul/Calming Fruit, Fruits of the Forest etc.

Potion of Defense, Speed, Attention, Benediction, Faith, Will, Giant, Power, Passion, Protection, II-V now require fewer Soulstone Powders.

Potion of Defense, Speed, Attention, Benediction V now require Darker Soul, not Dark Soul.

Elixir of Water, Fire, Earth, Wind III no longer require Elixir of Water, Fire, Earth, Wind II as an ingredient - replaced with Water, Fire, Earth, Wind Spirit Piece x1.

Elixir of Water, Fire, Earth, Wind IV now additionally require Colorless and Odorless Liquid as an ingredient.

Elixir of Water, Fire, Earth, Wind V Power and Spirit piece ingredient requirements have been reduced considerably and no longer require materials from Sandstorm Desert monsters. Now requires Colorless and Odorless Liquid.

Elixir of Fire IV now requires 3 Lava Rock.
Elixir of Earth IV now requires 3 Viper Eye.

Elixir of Courage, Blessings, Protection II & III ingredient requirements now require Soul Stone Powder, Saline Solution and bottle.

Injector of Muscle Movement, Spirit II & III now require Earth/Water Power and Saline Solution.

Injector of Muscle Movement, Spirit IV level requirement reduced from 360 to 350.

Potion of Defense, Attention, Faith, Giant, Passion, Speed, Benediction, Will, Power and Protection I are no longer sold by vendors - they are now crafted with Alchemy only.

Since most of these cards have a chance to be produced with Cardmaster, they are now tradable:
All Defense Card VI (A)
All Eva Card VI (B)
All Regen Card VI (O)
All Stat Card VI (O)
Lion Card VI (O)
Bear Card VI (O)
Tiger Card VI (O)
Snake Card VI (O)
Dragon Card VI (O)
Monkey Card VI (O)
Phoenix Card VI (O)
All Hit Card VI (A)
All Crit Card VI (A)
All Protection Card VI (A)

All Defense Card VII (A)
All Evasion VII (B)
All Stat Card VII (O)
Lion Card VII (O)
Bear Card VII (O)
Tiger Card VII (O)
Snake Card VII (O)
Dragon Card VII (O)
Monkey Card VII (O)
Phoenix Card VII (O)
All Hit Card VII (A)
All Crit Card VII (A)
All Protection Card VII (A)

New Recipes
Added new recipes to Tobias the Grand's store for Tarot Points. These recipes require new ingredient items that now drop from monsters instead of their equivalent cards. Instead of All Stat IV Card dropping, Torn All Stat IV Card will drop. All of these recipes have a chance to produce an additional card.

Requires Cardmaster 170
[Recipe] All Stat Card III

Requires Cardmaster 170
[Recipe] All Defense Card III

Requires Cardmaster 210
[Recipe] All Regen Card III
[Recipe] All Defense Card IV

Requires Cardmaster 220
[Recipe] All Protection Card IV

Requires Cardmaster 230
[Recipe] All Crit Card IV
[Recipe] All Regen Card IV

Requires Cardmaster 240
[Recipe] Lion Card IV
[Recipe] Bear Card IV
[Recipe] Tiger Card IV
[Recipe] Snake Card IV
[Recipe] Dragon Card IV
[Recipe] Monkey Card IV
[Recipe] Phoenix Card IV
[Recipe] All Stat Card IV

Requires Cardmaster 260
[Recipe] All Defense Card V

Requires Cardmaster 270
[Recipe] All Protection Card V

Requires Cardmaster 280
[Recipe] All Crit Card V
[Recipe] All Regen Card V

Requires Cardmaster 300
[Recipe] Lion Card V
[Recipe] Bear Card V
[Recipe] Tiger Card V
[Recipe] Snake Card V
[Recipe] Dragon Card V
[Recipe] Monkey Card V
[Recipe] Phoenix Card V
[Recipe] All Stat Card V

Note: Cards contained in Mysterious Gift Box, Grab Bags, Pit Bags, Sahar Card Decks, Magic Tower Card Decks, etc. remain as they were and contain the actual cards still.

Ingredient Changes
The following recipes no longer require the previous card as an ingredient. For example, [Recipe] Bless Card VI no longer requires a Bless Card V as an ingredient. It now requires other additional ingredients that you would have used to make the Bless Card V.

[Recipe] Wisdom Card V (O)
[Recipe] Evasion Card V (B)
[Recipe] Resistance Card V (B)
[Recipe] Hit Card V (O)
[Recipe] Magic Hit Card V (O)
[Recipe] Stamina Card V (O)
[Recipe] Defense Card V (B)
[Recipe] Magic Defense Card V (B)
[Recipe] Holy Card V (A)
[Recipe] Bless Card V (A)
[Recipe] Strength Card V (A)
[Recipe] Physical Attack Card V (A)
[Recipe] Magic Attack Card V (A)
[Recipe] Protection Card V (O)
[Recipe] Magic Protection Card V (O)
[Recipe] Agility Card V (A)
[Recipe] Crit Card V (A)
[Recipe] Magic Crit Card V (A)
[Recipe] Regen Card V (B)
[Recipe] Mana Regen Card V (B)
[Recipe] Intelligence Card V (A)
[Recipe] Life Card V (AB)
[Recipe] Mana Card V (AB)
[Recipe] Wisdom Card VI (O)
[Recipe] Stamina Card VI (O)
[Recipe] Strength Card VI (A)
[Recipe] Agility Card VI (A)
[Recipe] Intelligence Card VI (A)
[Recipe] Hit Card VI (O)
[Recipe] Magic Hit Card VI (O)
[Recipe] Evasion Card VI (B)
[Recipe] Resistance Card VI (B)
[Recipe] Defense Card VI (B)
[Recipe] Magic Defense Card VI (B)
[Recipe] Holy Card VI (A)
[Recipe] Bless Card VI (A)
[Recipe] Physical Attack Card VI (A)
[Recipe] Magic Attack Card VI (A)
[Recipe] Protection Card VI (O)
[Recipe] Magic Protection Card VI (O)
[Recipe] Crit Card VI (A)
[Recipe] Magic Crit Card VI (A)
[Recipe] Regen Card VI (B)
[Recipe] Mana Regen Card VI (B)
[Recipe] Life Card VI (AB)
[Recipe] Mana Card VI (AB)

Requirement Changes
The following recipe's skill level requirements changed to 200. If you have less than 200 Cardmaster and have any of these recipes you will not be able to craft them until you level up to 200.

[Recipe] Wisdom Card IV (O)
[Recipe] Stamina Card IV (O)
[Recipe] Strength Card IV (A)
[Recipe] Agility Card IV (A)
[Recipe] Intelligence Card IV (A)

New Recipes
Added new recipes to Elsa in Terminus for 300 Coins each. These recipes require new ingredient items that are now found in Speed Demon's Box and Catacomb's boxes and all have a chance to produce an additional food.

Requires Cooking 300
[Recipe] Roast Turkey
[Recipe] Pumpkin Pie
[Recipe] Ghost Apple
[Recipe] Red Bean Rice Cake
[Recipe] Sesame Rice Cake

Note: Vortex Rations, Magic Tower Advanced Supplies, and Colosseum Rations remain as they were and contain the actual foods still.

[Recipe] Rare Taste Combat Ration, required to progress the Cooking Assistant Skill, now drops from Ho Tribe Patrols instead of being a quest reward from the Kill Patrol quest.

Quest Reward Changes
The following quests no longer award double Speed Demon's Boxes. You can choose between a box or trophies.

[Challenge] Grave Robber (GTH)
[Challenge] Grave Robber (GTN)
[Challenge] Reclaim the Temple (ToAI)
[Challenge] Dwarf Buster

HP Regeneration Potion V, MP Regeneration, HP Potion VI, MP Potion VI Potion V, HP Regeneration Potion VI, and MP Regeneration Potion VI no longer drop from monsters - they are now crafted with Alchemy only. Monsters that previously dropped these potions now drop HP Potion V and MP Potion V.

Percentage based HP, MP and HP/MP Potions no longer drop from monsters. They can still be obtained from Vortex, Snow Mountain, Hall of Elements, Daily Gift, Von Stein's Treasure Chest etc.

Equipment cards no longer drop directly from monsters. Instead, monsters now drop Torn cards that can be used by a Cardmaster to craft the actual cards. The drop availability of all Torn cards remain exactly the same as their equivalent cards before but with a slightly higher chance - the only difference is you now require a Cardmaster to craft the cards for you. All of these new card recipes also have a chance to produce an additional card.

Speed Demon's Box
Now contains Cooking ingredients instead of actual foods.
Can contain 1-3 pieces each of upto 3 different ingredients needed to craft Roast Turkey, Pumpkin Pie, Ghost Apple, Red Bean Rice Cake and Sesame Rice Cake.

Catacombs armor boxes
Now contains Cooking ingredients instead of actual foods.
Can contain 3 pieces of 1 ingredient needed to craft Roast Turkey, Pumpkin Pie, Ghost Apple, Red Bean Rice Cake or Sesame Rice Cake.

Increased the chance of crafting recipe materials and their related recipes dropping from monsters in Sandstorm Desert, Tainted Fen, Grand Wildwoods and Port Plunder. (already patched previously)

Corrected the chance of Crimson Snowflower Piece drops (too high) that were reducing the chance of crafting materials dropping. (already patched previously)

Spirit Piece Changes
Earth, Fire, Water and Wind Spirit Piece drops have been modified. (already patched previously)
The 4 types of Spirit Piece have been split between the Elite monsters in Colossus Shadowfields so you can farm the pieces you need more easily, instead of relying too much on random. Additional drops from some lower level monsters have also been added.

Earth Spirit Piece
Elite Coon Mechanic
Elite Berzerker Bunny
Now also drops from Loch in Red Sand Hill.

Fire Spirit Piece
Elite Sun Owl
Elite Melon Head Baboon
Now also drops from Phinez in Warrior's Refuge.

Water Spirit Piece
Elite Strawberry Mutation
Elite Pandan Farmer
Now also drops from Rosany in Spirit's Shelter.

Wind Spirit Piece
Elite Chipmunk Wizard
Now also drops from Phinny and Light Breeze Phinny in Red Sand Hill.

The following monsters continue to drop all types randomly.
Tundro's Shadow in Colossus.
Sraclone's Broodling in Colossus.
Gerry's Packmate in Colossus.
Deviruchi (all modes of Garden of Baphomet).
Mejonora (all modes of Garden of Baphomet).

Level 65 Rare quality armor no longer drops from Decomus Insane Mode - the level 75 Uniques that extract to Spirit Pieces remain with a slightly higher drop chance. (already patched previously)

Colossus Shadowfields Elite monsters have been repositioned. Most of them are now more grouped by type instead of scattered all over the place randomly, which should make it a bit easier to farm specific monsters for Spirit Pieces.

Corrected an issue with sealing Ulric weapons.

As requested by players, the following game interface updates will be applied.

Monster Card Icons
Monster card icons have been updated with monster portraits. This should make it much easier to select the card you want to use instead of relying on that muscle memory.

Buffs Icons
Buff icons from Titles, Mounts, Mount Runes, and temporary effects from Armor/Weapons/Accessories/Wearing Cards will now appear alongside the Auras, Monster Transformations, Shrink/Expand Cards.

Dungeon Locks/Reset
Increased the size of the interface window.

Dungeon Entry
You can now view entry/lock information of the entire party of 6 in the list, without scrolling.

Quest Dialogue
Challenge type quests confirmation dialogue (Maybe Later, Challenge Now) has been swapped around so the default option is Challenge Now.

Auction House
Corrected an issue with the Auction House that sometimes allowed you to bid on your own items.
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