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posted on Sunday, April 05 2020, 11:37 PM in Updates
The server will be down for a maintenance of approx. 1 hour at 00:00 tonight to patch in Easter events and other changes. Please read below for more info.

The Easter Rabbit, Momo, is back in Terminus for Easter! Selling Easter themed costumes, mounts and accessories in her store for Scrub's Tears and Moolah, and Easter event food for Money Envelopes which can be obtained by completing quests. The Moolah costumes, accessories and mounts can also be found in the Shop with a 10% discount applied.


Momo has several quests available including a chain quest to build a +70% speed Carrot Kart mount!


Make sure to check the other Terminus residents for more Easter event quests. Look out for the bright pink exclamation marks above the NPCs and on the map!

Easter Pets
Two Easter pets are available from Momo's exchange store in exchange for Pet Summoning Pieces and Money Envelopes.


Aoba Rabbit Summoning Pieces can be found on the Aoba Rabbits that have invaded the Logging Area and Stone Egg Golem Summoning Pieces from Stone Egg Golems all around Arcana.

Easter Bonus Game Buffs
All of this week will have a 100% boost to Experience and Skill Experience gained from defeating monsters, and this coming Sunday and Monday (12th-13th April) will have a massive 400% boost to Experience and Skill Experience, so there has never been a better time to level up a character or even make a new one.  

Every day until the 26th April will have a different buff that could be 10% Drop Bonus, 10% Battlefield Point Bonus, 10% Gold Bonus, 5% Quest EXP Bonus, 5% Quest SXP Bonus, or x2 Reputation Point Bonus. You can check the front page of the website to see active and upcoming event buffs.


There will also be a 50% bonus to item drops, 50% bonus Battlefield Points and a 50% bonus to Gold drops from monsters on Sunday 12th and Monday 13th April.

Easter Topup Bonus
You can get 20% Bonus Moolah this Easter when you topup - just topup as normal ingame or here on the website and receive an additional 20% Moolah. The bonus is applied to all types of topups including mobile phones.

The 20% Bonus Moolah will be available from Monday 6th April until Sunday 19th April at midnight, so don't miss out!

Skill Visuals
Skill visual effects have been modified/adjusted/removed/changed and generally pruned. Some skills had way too much going on, some with as many as 5, 6 and even 8 different different visuals for just one skill.

Caster skills were the main culprit due to needing cast visuals, activation visuals, projectiles, crash damage etc.

The result of these changes should be quite noticable during large fights, world bosses, battlefields, full party dungeon runs etc. with an increase to FPS.

Buff/Debuff Visuals
New buff and debuff visuals have been added that appear just above the head. They have a uniform look and should be easy enough to learn the symbols showing what kind of buff/debuff it is. Buff visuals are blue with a symbol that represents the type of buff it is, and debuffs are the same but red.

These new visuals replace any previous visuals that were not following any particular rules and could be just about anything, making them kind of useless really.

They will appear for a few seconds - they will not remain for the duration of the buff/debuff in most cases - they are just a visual cue to inform you of a new buff or debuff.

Slow: Red circles around the feet.
Stun: Spinning stars around the head.
Immo: Electrical chains around the body.
Silence: Blue chains.
Paralysis: Red chains.
Silence+Paralysis: Red/blue chains.
Sleep: Zzzz above head.
Damage Absorb: Glowy shield.
Damage Reflect: Spikey shield.
Layer Shield: The usual shield dome.
MP Shield: The usual.
Attack Speed+ : Blue crisscross circles around body.
Attack Speed-: Red crisscross circles around body.
Casting+: Black hands.
Hit+: Blue eyes above head.
Hit-: Red eyes above head.
Range+: Blue crosshair circle above head.
Range-: Red crosshair circle above head.

Caster only:
Conductivity: Electrical surges around body.
Flammability: Red fireball spinning around the head.
Ice Infusion: Blue symbols around the body.
Wind Infusion: Gold symbols around the body.

Please let me know if you notice anything odd with any player, pet, or monster skill/buff/debuff visuals. I was careful not to remove any visuals of bosses that represent shields, reflects etc. but let me know asap if you notice anything is off.

Chanelled Skill Bugfix
Corrected a bug with chanelled skills where the casting visual around the player would just keep multiplying, resulting in the same visual being shown on screen multiple times - resulting in FPS drops or even lag, as well as just looking ugly and killing your ears with the overlapped sound effects.

Class Skills
While updating visuals I found and corrected a couple of errors:

Wind Fusion
No longer grants Boss Damage as per the skill tooltip.

Ice Crystallization
No longer grants Boss Damage as per the skill tooltip.

Wind Walker
Smoke Bomb
Before: Range 1.5m, Radius 3m. Lasted for 10s and affected anyone in it's radius for however long it had remaining.
Now: Range 6m, Radius 2m. Lasts for 10s but applies it's debuff to anyone in it's radius when it explodes after 2.4s.

Adhering Terrain
Before: Chance to slow any enemy in the skills radius for 7s.
Now: Leaves a circle for 7/8s that has a high chance to slow any enemy within it's radius or that walks on it while it's still active (same as Adhering Terrain 2).

Adhering Terrain 1 & 2
Circle effect modified. It was some weird rock before that did not represent the skills effect radius.

Aoba Rabbit monster and pet can now be targeted normally - you had to tab-target them before.

The Cast Reduction stat display in the Hero Window will now display the correct amount of Cast Reduction if it's below -99%. So if you have -110% it will now display -110.00%, not -99.00%.

Removed the selected target pointers from monsters, players, pets and NPCs. The selected circles around the feet remain as they were.

Corrected the display of damage numbers of damage over time debuffs not showing.

You can now open the Guild Warehouse by speaking to Pierr Kamers in Master's Hall.

You can now use the ESC key to close interface windows when the 5 Minute Quiz event is in progress.

The Quiz button should no longer reappear after returning from a dungeon.

Brand new Furies Mantle Schematic has been added to the Moolah Mall.


You will also find Blue Mech Mantle Schematic and Red Mech Mantle Schematic has made a return to the store by request.



Easter Event Store
You can now purchase Easter Chocolate (Strawberry), Easter Chocolate (Grape), Painted Egg (Bear) and Painted Egg (Cat) from Momo's store with your Easter Envelopes.

The following Easter related items are now tradable:
Sealed Egg
Easter Egg
Painted Egg (Bear)
Painted Egg (Cat)
Easter Chocolate (Strawberry)
Easter Chocolate (Grape)
Life Energy
Dry Firewood
Little Tiger Transformation Card
Smart Little Tiger Transformation Card
Stone Egg Golem Transformation Card
Weathered Stone Egg Transformation Card

Happy Easter holidays, and please stay safe during the lockdowns. Play Iris :D
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