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posted on Wednesday, April 13 2022, 11:41 PM in Updates
The Easter Rabbit, Momo, is back in Terminus for Easter! Selling Easter themed costumes, mounts and accessories in her store for Scrub's Tears and Moolah, and Easter event food for Money Envelopes which can be obtained by completing quests. The Moolah costumes, accessories and mounts can also be found in the Shop with a 10% discount applied.


Momo has several quests available including a chain quest to build a +70% speed Carrot Kart mount!


Make sure to check the other Terminus residents for more Easter event quests. Look out for the bright pink exclamation marks above the NPCs and on the map!

Easter Pets
Two Easter pets are available from Momo's exchange store in exchange for Pet Summoning Pieces and Money Envelopes.


Aoba Rabbit Summoning Pieces can be found on the Aoba Rabbits that have invaded the Logging Area and Stone Egg Golem Summoning Pieces from Stone Egg Golems all around Arcana.

Momo will be in Terminus until 28th April at midnight.

Easter Bonus Game Buffs


There will be a 50% bonus to item drops, 50% bonus Battlefield Points and a 50% bonus to Gold drops from monsters on Easter Sunday and Monday, Sunday 17th and Monday 18th April.

Easter Topup Bonus
You can get 20% Bonus Moolah this Easter when you topup - just topup as normal ingame or here on the website and receive an additional 20% Moolah. The bonus is applied to all types of topups including mobile phones.

The 20% Bonus Moolah will be available from now until Monday 28th April at midnight, so don't miss out!

Coming Soon: Brand New Experimental Battlefield
Please see

Battlefield & Colosseum Entry
Players will now be healed to full HP and MP when they enter a battlefield or Colosseum.

Moral Rise Buff
The Moral Rise buff that is granted when you are in your ally camp has been changed from 20% All Attack/20% Movement Speed to 20% All Attack/20% All Defense.

Moral Decline Debuff
The Moral Decline debuff that is received when you are in the enemy camp has been changed from -20% All Attack/-20% Movement Speed to -20% All Attack/-20% All Defense.

Battlefield Leader Announcements
There will now be an announcement when a new team leader is selected.

Battlefield Leader Buff
The buff applied to the randomly selected team leader in battlefields has changed from 20% All Attack to 20% Max HP.

Battlefield Guard Buff
The "Protect the Leader" aura applied to the randomly selected team leader and team members near to them has changed from 20% Max HP/10% All Attack to 20% All Attack. It didn't really make sense to have an aura from another player that is constantly moving give Max HP, as every time you lost the aura and then got back in range the additional Max HP you received was empty and needed to be healed.

True Alacrity

Now correctly triggers the cooldown of Brief Alacrity 1, 2 and 3, and Bestial Instincts 1.


Brand new mount Aladdin's Magic Carpet is now available from the shop.

Cooking: Hawk Eye Delight / Gourmet Hawk Eye Delight
Corrected these Filling type foods overwriting Tasty type foods.


Corrected an issue with the All Attack and All Defense stats not working properly on pet items.

Happy Easter!
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