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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Tuesday, March 27 2018, 11:44 PM in Updates
There will be a maintenance tonight at midnight (server time) to patch in Easter and client updates. The server will be down for approximately 1 hour.

The Easter Rabbit, Momo, will be back in Terminus for Easter! Selling Easter themed costumes, mounts and accessories in her store for Scrub's Tears and Moolah, and Easter event food for Money Envelopes which can be obtained by completing quests. The Moolah costumes, accessories and mounts can also be found in the Shop with a 10% discount applied.


Momo has several quests available including a chain quest to build a +70% speed Carrot Kart mount!


Make sure to check the other Terminus residents for more Easter event quests. Look out for the bright pink exclamation marks above the NPCs and on the map!

Easter Pets
Two Easter pets are available from Momo's exchange store in exchange for Pet Summoning Pieces and Money Envelopes.


Aoba Rabbit Summoning Pieces can be found on the Aoba Rabbits that have invaded the Logging Area and Stone Egg Golem Summoning Pieces from Stone Egg Golems all around Arcana.

Easter Bonus Game Buffs
This Saturday, Sunday and Monday will have a 400% boost to Experience and Skill Experience, so there has never been a better time to level up a character or even make a new one.  


To top it off, on Sunday there will also be a 50% bonus to item drops, 50% bonus Battlefield Points and a 50% bonus to Gold drops from monsters for 24 hours.

Players that defeat world bosses will also buff the entire server with a random seasonal buff including bonuses to EXP, Money, Drops, Battlefield Points, Stats, Defense, Speed and more! These bonuses stack so you could have up to 15 buffs active at any one time.

Easter Topup Bonus
You can get 20% Bonus Moolah this Easter when you topup - just topup as normal ingame or here on the website and receive an additional 20% Moolah. The bonus is applied to all types of topups including mobile phones.

The 20% Bonus Moolah will expire on Monday 2nd April at Midnight, so don't miss out!

I have been working on optimizing some of the game client coding and assets to improve performance and system resource requirements. These changes are quite extensive (700mb+ of compressed patches) and will be patched in gradually in upcoming updates.

Client Asset Optimizations
Improvements to models and texturing to decrease RAM and Video RAM usage and improve loading times and performance including increased FPS. The changes being patched in today should give considerable improvements whilst in Terminus. I am seeing on average a 35% reduction in Video RAM usage, 5-10% reduction in RAM usage and 50-60% increase in FPS when loading Terminus.

Includes in today's patch (approx 220mb):
Terminus map models
Fire Pit map models
Pet models
Terminus NPC models
Port Plunder NPC models
Grand Wildwoods NPC models
Tainted Fen NPC models
Sandstorm Desert NPC models
Face, Head and Back costume models
Cloak models
Mantle models
Mantle textures
Weapon schematic enhancement glow models
Player and monster skill visual effect models

Record Video now displays a counter showing how long you have been recording for and how much disk space the recording has used. The counter is not recorded in the video.

Improvements to the UI text shadow/outline methods to improve FPS when there is a lot of text on the screen. Outlined text speed has been improved by about 40% and shadow by 25%. Outline is still slow if you have lots of text on screen - multiple chat boxes, quest tracker, party frames, damage meter etc., but it's upto 40% faster than before.

Added new setting to show the FPS counter in the minimap. It defaults to off.
Added new setting to show the server time in the minimap. It defaults to off.
Brightness control removed from video settings. I don't think anyone uses it anyway - use your video cards control panel if you need to adjust brightness/gamma - it will do a better job anyway. It was removed as it was interfering with a new post processing system I will add soon, bringing SMAA (antialiasing), SSAO (ambient occlusion), DOF (depth of field), texture sharpening and colour vibrance effects.

New mantle, Prismatic

By request, added white version of the Strands mantle, White Strands.

Happy Easter everyone!
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