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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Thursday, March 28 2024, 10:16 PM in Updates
The server will come down before the usual restart at midnight to apply the following update:

The Easter Rabbit, Momo, is back in Terminus for Easter! Selling Easter themed costumes, mounts and accessories in her store for Scrub's Tears and Moolah, and Easter event food for Money Envelopes which can be obtained by completing quests. The Moolah costumes, accessories and mounts can also be found in the Shop with a 10% discount applied.


Momo has several quests available including a chain quest to build a +70% speed Carrot Kart mount!


Make sure to check the other Terminus residents for more Easter event quests. Look out for the bright pink exclamation marks above the NPCs and on the map!

Easter Pets
Two Easter pets are available from Momo's exchange store in exchange for Pet Summoning Pieces and Money Envelopes.


Aoba Rabbit Summoning Pieces can be found on the Aoba Rabbits that have invaded the Logging Area and Stone Egg Golem Summoning Pieces from Stone Egg Golems all around Arcana.

Momo will be in Terminus until 5th April at midnight.

Easter Bonus Game Buffs


There will be a 50% bonus to item drops, 50% bonus Battlefield Points, a 50% bonus to Gold drops from monsters, 400% bonus EXP/SXP from monsters on Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st March.

There will also be 100% bonus EXP/SXP from monsters from the 29th March until the 5th April.

Easter Topup Bonus
You can get 30% Bonus Moolah this Easter when you topup - just topup as normal ingame or here on the website and receive an additional 30% Moolah. The bonus is applied to all types of topups including mobile phones.

The 30% Bonus Moolah will be available from now until 5th April at midnight, so don't miss out!

Your hero will now temporarily leave the set fight radius to attack monsters outside of it that are attacking you from range.

New Achievements

28 new achievements added - 25 of them hidden. Some of these achievements are for the new dungeon coming in the next update.

Achievement Fix
Modified a hidden Assistant Skill related achievement that was not possible to complete. So some of you might get a new achievement completion when you login.

Amanita's Nest Achievements
The achievements for scoring S, SS and SSS in Amanita's Nest now award slightly better versions of the Forest Overlord title instead of a Spore, since most players that are able to achieve these are very likely to already have finished their legendary quest anyway.

Corrected some issues with the achievements system that was sometimes causing the client to crash. This could happen for any number of reasons like killing a monster, feeding a pet - anything that was a trigger for updating an achievement's progress.

Upgrade System

Corrected the text that tells you what is needed to upgrade a pet - it was showing the incorrect quality.


The chat window now has a darker background allowing you to turn off Outlined Text or Shadowed Text in the game settings for improved game performance while maintaining good readability even on maps with light/bright terrain and scenery. Outlined Text is a major performance killer especially with multiple chat windows open.

The brand new dungeon is coming next week - not long to go now!
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