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Miltan Miltan
posted on Thursday, March 23 2023, 06:24 PM in Game Suggestions
Hello. I would like to offer a good option, at the expense of stones.
Create or make an NPC, a vending machine / where you can exchange stones, 1k2 - 1k3 for example, you give 2 blue stones, you get 1 yellow. And mb buy stones for General badge

It is already very difficult to farm stones in the game, given that there are an average of 4-6 people in the group.

Given the right colors for each item, this complicates the process by 500%.
It is also very difficult for beginners and they cannot realize themselves because of this.
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    Gold Yuzu Gold Yuzu
    replied on Thursday, March 23 2023, 09:40 PM #Permalink
    I agree with this post. It is rather difficult if one does not have a guild that runs dungeon indefinitely to legendary shards (which results in level 100 equipment to decompose). So exchanging stones would benefit a lot. For example, one might have orange stones on a Sorc and need red. Orange don' t benefit a sorc much so the exchange would be beneficial.
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    Maybe Maybe
    replied on Friday, March 24 2023, 10:02 AM #Permalink
    rave. who prevents you from going to the PP to kill mobs and collect armors, so that later you can extract them

    everyone went through this at the beginning of the journey
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    Sedy Admin Sedy
    replied on Friday, March 24 2023, 04:43 PM #Permalink
    Aside from dungeons and world bosses, you can extract Major Stones from:
    Grand Wildwoods Unique weapons.
    Port Plunder Uncommon accessories, Rare armors and accessories.
    Garden of Baphomet Rare/Unique/Epic accessories and Epic armors.

    You could also trade with other players. Sell the ones you don't need and buy the ones you do. You might even find a player that will swap with you for the ones you both need. Try contacting some guild leaders. I'm sure they have stacks of them in their guild warehouses.
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