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Mythos GM Mythos
posted on Sunday, December 31 2017, 04:09 PM in Events
Ya friendly neighborhood Mythos here ~.^

Tomorrow, New Years Day (I live in the united states. So for me it's still new years Eve) I'll be doing two runs. One of Catacombs. The other of Lisk Insane. These runs will be conducted under GM rules... Need and Greed rolling. I'll be in GM title God Mode tanking both. After both are done i will be starting with IDQ for those that want it (Under normal rules) and finally GM buffs for those that gather in the town center when it's all done.

Hope for a good turn out. see ya guys tomorrow ~.^
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    Mythos GM Mythos
    replied on Monday, January 01 2018, 01:56 PM #Permalink
    I want to make this clear:

    We do need and greed rolling durring catacombs. Catacombs can drop a mount.

    The mounts are:

    Imperfect Pegasus: for Elf race only

    Imperfect Chimera: Hybrid race only

    Imperfect Skerris: Human only


    We will

    A: Not change the mount to fit your race and B: Not transfer the mount to another char if you get one you can't use.

    And finally if i catch wind that you won mount on purpose to make sure no one else can get it and you can't use said mount you will be BARRED from participating on GM raids through catacombs
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  • Accepted Answer

    Mythos GM Mythos
    replied on Monday, January 01 2018, 04:13 PM #Permalink
    From now on future Catacomb raids performed by me, the second boss will now be under Leader Loot.
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