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posted on Saturday, October 14 2017, 04:16 AM in Updates
There will be a maintenance at Midnight on Sunday 15th October for Halloween updates. The server will be down for approx. 2-3 hours.

It's nearly Halloween in Arcana!
Denubu has arrived in Terminus with a brand new daily quest to hunt down Jack'o'Lanterns* in selected dungeons. Hunt down Jack'o'Lanterns throughout the Halloween period and collect enough of Jack's Dicky Pins and Candy Bats to trade back to Denubu for brand new Halloween car mounts.



Denubu also has a Halloween Store selling food, costumes and mounts, the Pet Exchange Store where you can exchange your collected Pet Summoning Pieces for pet summoning cards, Halloween quests, and free 1 hour 100% Movement Speed, instant cast Broomstick Hire.


Pumpkins have been placed all over Terminus and can be picked on the hour, every hour, for 5 minutes. Turn up your volume and listen out for the cackling witch and get picking and find the Pet Summoning Pieces and Candy Bats.


Dimensional portals are being sighted all over Arcana with ghouls and zombies pouring through. Defeat them and collect even more Candy Bats.

Seasonal event buffs are being awarded every time a world boss is killed - everyone gets a buff!

Keep an eye on the front page of the website for upcoming server event buffs too. Drop rate, Battlefield point bonus, Rep bonus and more will be added during the Halloween period.

*Jack'o'Lantern is a new boss with similar difficulty to the final boss of the dungeon it is found in. For players of level 40-74 this will be Decomus Hard, for level 75-84 Circus Hard and level 85+ Circus Insane.

Halloween in Arcana runs until the 15th November at Midnight.

Colosseum battles where neither player gains a kill are now classed as a draw instead of a winner being picked randomly. Players were already getting consolation points before but it was showing Win or Lose which was confusing - it will now show Draw.

Updates to fighting power calculations. You can now see your"Hero Rating in the Hero window (C). I will add a ranking page soon.


The PK 7 level difference restriction has been removed whilst in Fire Pit. This means a level 100 can now hit a level 80-93 in Fire Pit.

Clarification on the PK system: If you have -200 Karma and get killed by a monster you will still be sent to prison.

Karma will now recover at an increased rate whilst in prison, 1 Karma every 15s instead of every 1m.

The issue with the 15m PK Debuff not being applied to a defeated player when revived by another player has been resolved.

The issue with a player not getting teleported out of Fire Pit after being revived by another player has been resolved.

Fixed some issues with the /unstuck command when in a battlefield map.

New Skill Mechanic
Added new type of monster skill that does damage to a targeted area. Think of it like Sorcerer/Wizard area of effect skills where you place a circle in the area you want to bombard. You will see a red circle on the ground when these skills are being cast.
Crystalisk, Glaceon, Cletus are now using this new mechanic for some of their skills.

Area of Effect Skill Visual Clues
Monster area of effect skills that have a casting time will now display the area they will affect with a red circle on the ground, giving you a chance to move away and avoid taking damage. This includes area skills that cause damage in a radius around the monster, skills that cause damage in a radius around a targeted player, and targeted area skills, but not skills that project forwards/backwards from the monster - but most of those have their own visual effect warnings anyway.


If you see a red circle on the ground, move away from it to avoid damage. If the red circle follows you, it means the monster is targeting you with a skill that does splash damage, so you need to move away from your teammates to avoid damaging them too.

Many (but not all!) dungeon and world boss skills that cause area of effect damage in a radius around the monster or around a player have been given a casting time of 1-3s, giving players a chance to avoid the damage with the new system mentioned above. The damage of these types of skills has been increased since they can now be easily avoided and future new skills that cause massive damage or OHKO skill will always have a casting time.

Monster Balancing
Frigid Queen Glaceon, Namazu, Cruel Cletus, Goblin Excavater and Monoxia had their Max HP and All Defense reduced.

Frigid Queen Glaceon's Shadows stats and damage reduced considerably.
Frigid Queen Glaceon had some skill changes and some skill visual effects were reduced to reflect the size of the area they actually affect - some were way too big for no reason.

Nereus skill fixes and changes. Most of his normal skills are now melee range, Pull radius reduced, 20% Dot skill now has a cast time, and damage reduced.

Namazu skill fixes. Boredom and Pull now have a cast time and increased damage, Pull radius reduced, Thunder Chunder now works correctly.

Cletus stats and damage reduced to make it easier since it's no longer an event monster. Some of it's drop chances were also reduced (epic pets, additional ticket boxes).

Crystalisk/Rhinestone Shockwave, Bend Time and Light of Disaster skills now have a cast time and their damage increased.

Reduced the damage of Sandstorm Desert, Tainted Fen, Grand Wildwoods and Port Plunder General monsters. Veteran/Elite monster damage remains the same.

I always felt it was a shame that most titles simply get ignored when you have a Moolah title. It makes sense as Moolah titles will always be superior, but it would be nice to go back to how it used to be, choosing your title depending on what you are doing. So....

Rage/Agile/Devoted, Tarot Master, Pit Master, Colosseum Aggressor/Competitor, Battlefield Combatant/Contender/Adversary/Challenger/Opposer/Assailant/Antagonist, Fiery/Icey Defiler, 5th Anniversary, Six, Valentines, Tomb Raider, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter titles have been converted into a new item called a Mantle. Mantles are equipped in a new Mantle slot. The stats and visual effects remain the same as before except for Agile titles that have gained additional All Attack stat.


Players that had any of these titles will find new equivalent Mantle items in their inventory. These items are completely untradable just like titles.

You can find a new option to turn off the display of the Mantle in the game settings.


Agile Mantle (was Symbol of Agile title) now has additional All Attack, to go with All Evasion and All Stats. This was done to bring the title up to the standard of the other two (Rage and Devoted), as Eva% doesn't really add that much since it depends on Evasion gained from Agility which is actually quite low compared to other stats like Defense, Attack, HP that the others give.


Mantle Reforge
All previous Special/Limited Edition titles (basically all Moolah titles other than Rage/Devoted/Agile I-V) are now Mantle Reforge Schematics. These can be purchased from the Shopping Mall for 100 Moolah and used to reforge your Rage, Devoted or Agile V Mantle by speaking to Joan Armatrading in Terminus and choosing Reforge Mantle. Simply put your Rage, Devoted or Agile V Mantle in the Mantle slot and a schematic in the Schematic slot to reforge it. The reforge can be removed the same as armor/weapon reforges by choosing Remove Reforge at the same NPC, resetting your Mantle back to it's default look.

Note: It is not possible to put your Rage/Devoted/Agile Mantle in the Schematic slot so there will be no mishaps of players destroying their Mantle instead of the Schematic :P


Mantle Upgrade
Players that have Rage, Devoted, Agile I, II, III, IV Mantles can now upgrade them without sending me a request. Simply speak to Joan Armatrading in Terminus and open her Mantle Upgrade store where you can trade in your I, II, III and IV Mantle and some Moolah to upgrade.


With these changes it is no longer necessary to PM me asking for title upgrades or swaps, you can do it all in the game. As I release new schematics you can simply buy them from the store and reforge your Mantle to enjoy the new look :)

Shopping Mall & Preview
The Shopping Mall has been completely redesigned with a new layout and a better and much larger preview of your character in the game world instead of in a small box for an accurate representation of previewed items and how they will actually look on your character.

Weapons and Weapon Schematic previews now show the +10 enhancement glows so you can see how they will look when enhanced.

You can now preview mounts and mantles.The only thing you cannot currently preview are pets.

You can now search for items.

The Mailbox system and interface has been redesigned and refined. The main interface now has dual panes showing your inbox and the currently selected mail and a new Compose window has been created where you send new mails.


Fixed the check for new mail when logging in. Mail is checked periodically as always but it will now do a check as soon as you login to the game.

You can now click on the new mail icon (envelope above player unit frame) to open the mailbox.


You can now mail a player from your friends list.

You can now mail a player by right-clicking them, their target frame, party unit frame or their name in a chat window, and choosing Mail from the menu.

Hero Window
The Hero window has been redesigned with a live preview of your character and now holds your equipped items instead of the main Inventory window.

A new dropdown menu has been added to quickly select or change your title.


New slot for Mantle (wings etc.) added.

Your Hero Rating is now displayed in the Hero window - this rating is calculated by your gear quality and level, armor, weapon and accessory enhancements, costumes, mantle, cloak, wearing cards, equipment cards, title, skills, and guild skills that give stats. The rating updates periodically, it does not update immediately when you change gear etc. The rating is used for battlefield team creation and bragging rights.


Note: The server keeps a record of your max rating when it comes to battlefield team creation so it cannot be tricked by removing gear before queuing for a battlefield.

The main Inventory window is now much more compact as it no longer displays your equipped items - these are now in the Hero window.


The Trash icon has been removed as you can just drag items out of your bags to delete them.

You can now delete items from your Quest inventory by dragging them out of the quest bag window.

You can now delete items from your Warehouse by dragging the item out of the warehouse bag window.

The Weight gauge has been replaced with text.

Bags 1-5 have been juggled around so they have the same dimensions as the main inventory.

Opening the Auction House, Guild Storage, Stores, Enhancement, Reforge, Exchange windows etc. no long interferes with the positioning of your inventory and bags, and which bags are opened, it will remain as you set it previously.
Opening the Warehouse will still adjust the inventory and open bags 1 and 2 and align them nicely.

Dungeon Party Finder
Newly registered parties in the Dungeon Party Finder are now advertised to the server.

Party Finder dungeon Mode dropdown now displays available modes depending on the chosen dungeon instead of always showing all 3 (Normal, Hard Insane) by default.

Party Finder min-level is now automatically set to the minimum required for the chosen dungeon.

The duelling interface has been refreshed.


The duelling boundary can now be seen and has been reduced to a 20m radius.

Added countdown imagery and sounds when the duel is starting and when you step out of the duel boundary.


Fixed issues with Guild Finance not showing in the Guild Management window. Guild Master's can now withdraw it. A guild can hold a maximum of 3bn Gold. (Guild Finance is earned every time a guild member gets gold from killing monsters).

Fixed positioning of the Union button in the guild interface.

Auction House
You can now see any special enhancement type in the tooltip of items listed on the Auction House.

You can now see if an item is reforged in the tooltip of items listed on the Auction House (and in normal tooltips of items in your inventory, warehouse, player stores, chatbox linked items etc. etc.


Assistant Skill
The recipe filter (search) is no longer case sensitive.

Damage Meter
You can now open the Damage Meter from the General Menu.


Updated the font on much of the UI for better readability.
Fixed positioning of the character info labels in the character select and character create screens.
Fixed buggy leftover icon selectors when dragging an item to bags 4/5 and warehouse bags 4/5.
Fixed a bug with the Shopping Mall preview glitching the preview window of Plastic Surgery, Hair Change, Gender Change window and vice versa.
Fixed the occassional crash dump when exiting the client after having the Shopping Mall open.
Fixed incorrect display of discount on gold items when you are Exalted with the Terminus faction. It was showing only 5% discount even though you were getting the 10% discount when you actually purchased the item.

You will find two brand new Mantles in the Shopping Mall, Shadow Felbat and Fire Felbat.



You will also find Black Feather, a deliciously dark version of Yellow Feather/Grey Feather.


Two new Great Fairy colours, Great Red Fairy and Great White Fairy.



Not to mention Nature Kitsune and Green Strands, two new green reskins requested by players.



Spectral Butterfly has been updated - no more annoyingly bright white glow - it is now has a much more subtle glow.


Transformation Cards
You can now use Monster Transformation Cards whilst running.

The issue of Baby Desert Fox Transformation jump animation getting stuck in a loop has been resolved.

Fixed an issue with Hyper Joan Knight Transformation's 3rd skill that grants Damage Absorb not updating the Absorb stat total in the Hero window.

Stat Changes
Excavater's Molten Rod Stamina replaced with Wisdom.
Excavater's Molten Cannon Physical Crit replaced with Attack Speed.

Visual Fixes & Changes
Red Dragon Sword and Blue Dragon Sword back costume accessories had their animation fixed - they now glow and animate properly and look even more awesome.

The enhancement glow positioning was corrected on the following weapon schematics:
Horned Shield (Green)
Horned Shield (Gold)
Horned Shield (Blue)
Elven Shield (Amber)
Tidal Blades
Tidal Greatsword

Fixed positioning of:
Leaf Sword (Green)
Leaf Sword (Purple)
Leaf Sword (Orange)

Added missing weapon enhancment glow textures for:
Leaf Sword (Green)
Leaf Sword (Purple)
Leaf Sword (Orange)
Glory of Secrecy (Blue)
Glory of Secrecy (Green)

Fixed incorrect colour of weapon enhancement glows and textures for:
Repeater (Green)
Rosevine Sword (Purple)
Leaf Sword (Green)

Fixed the mixed up enhancment glows for:
Skeletal Reaver (Red), Skeletal Reaver (Green), Skeletal Reaver (Purple).
Cleaver (Green) and Cleaver (Azure).

Elixir of Strength V increased from 300 to 350.
Elixir of Agility V increased from 300 to 350.
Elixir of Intelligence V increased from 300 to 350.
Elixir of Wisdom V increased from 300 to 350.

Corrected several incorrect cooking recipe names.

All Tainted Fen recipes now have 20% chance to craft 4 pieces.
All Grand Wildwood's recipes now have a 20% chance to craft 5 pieces.
All Port Plunder recipes now have a 20% chance to craft 6 pieces.

Corrected missing name text of Artisan Owl mounts.

Corrected drops on Orichalcum Ore Veins - they were dropping Crystal Ore instead of Flux.
Corrected bad coordinates for some ungatherable Ore Veins in Spirit's Shelter.

All Sports Car mounts reduced to 290 Moolah.
Level 75 Mighty Trophy armors reduced to 850 each.
Level 75 Mighty Trophy accessories slashed by 50% to 600.

Halloween Promo Pricing
Many Halloween only costume items have been reduced by 10% for the Halloween period. This includes Halloween Costume and Hat, Cat Backpacks, Silver and Gold Crucifix, Pumpkin Balloon, Skull Sweeper, Blue Batty, Devilish Wings, Lucifier Wings, Mummy Costume and Hat, Gothic Costume and Hat, Witch's Broomstick mount, Ghost Bat mounts + more. Check the Shopping Mall and look for the Halloween Promo ribbons.

Necromancer's weapon schematics added to the Shopping Mall for Halloween with a 10% discount.

Several pets added to the Shopping Mall for Halloween with a 15% discount.

4 more puppy pets added to the Shopping Mall. Shiba Inu, Papillon, Spaniel and Bull Terrier.

2 brand new mounts added to the Shopping Mall. Jack's Wheels Mk.3 and Mk.3.



You can now unseal an item when you already have one of the same item already unsealed in your inventory or warehouse. No more annoying message when trying to loot the chest in Von Stein's Mansion.

Fixed incorrect instruction images in the Tutorial that might have been confusing new players.

Players can now talk to NPC Milah if they wish to leave the Tutorial before completing the final quests. You can always press ESC to leave the Tutorial but most people don't tend to read so they don't know that.

Simplified the quest about monster transformations and tarot as it's a bit confusing for a new player. They are now instructed to use a monster transformation card from their inventory instead of using the tarot reading of the NPC.

I will be releasing the new level 100 Hall of Crystalisk dungeon very soon along with some changes to the existing level 85 (Hard Mode). One of these changes will mean no more resetting the dungeon with Dungeon Reset Cards - it will be a once a day thing. Due to this, drop chance quality can be increased to make it a much more rewarding experience for the effort involved.

Happy holidays everyone! Comments, questions, suggestions welcome as always :)

I forgot to mention that there were a few titles that were not converted to Mantles due to various reasons, so players that had those titles were sent alternatives.

Grey Feather Red Glow > Dark Angel Feathers
White Feather > Blue Angel Feathers
Crystalline Pink > Pink Angel Feathers
Crystalline Blue > Blue Angel Feathers

If you would prefer something else let me know.

No Visual title is obviously no longer needed since you can just turn your mantle display off in game settings, so it was not made into a mantle. Players that had the No Visual title have been sent a refund of 100 Moolah - check your Moolah balance :)
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