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posted on Friday, October 16 2020, 09:11 PM in Updates
It's nearly Halloween in Arcana!
Denubu has arrived in Terminus with a daily quest to hunt down Jack'o'Lantern* in selected dungeons. Hunt down Jack'o'Lantern throughout the Halloween period and collect Jack's Dicky Pins and Candy Bats to trade back to Denubu for Jack's Wheels mounts.



Jack'o'Lantern can also drop DNA that can be combined by Avery in Terminus into your very own Jack'o'Lantern battle pet. This semi-ranged magic melee pet can attack upto 6 targets at a time upto 6m away with every attack with a chance of reducing their All Defense!


Denubu also has a Halloween Store selling food, costumes and mounts, the Pet Exchange Store where you can exchange your collected Pet Summoning Pieces for pet summoning cards, Halloween quests, and free 1 hour Broomstick Hire.


Pumpkins have been placed all over Terminus and can be picked on the hour, every hour, for 5 minutes. Turn up your volume and listen out for the cackling witch and get picking and find the Pet Summoning Pieces and Candy Bats.


Free Broomstick mount hire is available in Terminus Center allowing you to try before you buy one of these amazing mounts with your Candy Bats. Just grab a broom and use it for free for 1 hour.

Dimensional portals are being sighted all over Arcana with ghouls and zombies pouring through. Defeat them and collect even more Candy Bats.

Seasonal event buffs are being awarded every time a world boss is killed - everyone gets a buff!

Sat 17th October - Sun 8th November: 5% Bonus Damage to Undead/Humanoid/Spirit monsters.
Sat 24th October - Sun 25th October: 100% Reputation Bonus, 100% Experience and Skill Experience.
Sat 31st October: 200% Experience and Skill Experience, 50% Monster Drops, 50% Gold Drops, 50% Battlefield Points Bonus.

*Jack'o'Lantern is a boss with similar difficulty to the final boss of the dungeon it is found in. For players of level 40-74 this will be Decomus Hard, for level 75-84 Circus Hard and level 85+ Circus Insane.

Halloween in Arcana will begin on the 17th October and run right through until the 8th of November

The Shopping Mall has been updated with Halloween related costumes, costume accessories, mounts, battle pets and mantle schematics.

Some new client code has been implemented to automatically reposition mantles slightly when equipped on Elven characters. Feedback appreciated.

Halloween mantles Reaper's Mantle Schematic, Chained Demon, and Bat Cloak Mantle Schematic are once again available to buy from the Shopping Mall.

Reaper's Mantle Schematic

Bat Cloak Mantle Schematic

Chained Demon

Fixed a bug with friend invitations bugging your character, making it unable to logout or move map, if you die while the friend request message is on the screen at the time of death. Dieing while the message is on screen will now automatically decline the friend request.
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