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LilRuby LilRuby
posted on Sunday, August 29 2021, 07:07 PM in Game Help & Support
so this computer won't let me paly iris for it said " was blocked because it harms your device"
i don't know the problem but i don't know how to unblock it or anything this computer isn't that old or isn't that new either so, i'm not sure what to do yet and i hope in future i can play this game instead not able to if there's anything download it please show me and i will do it and i will play this game like its my life!

Accepted Answer

General420 General420
replied on Thursday, September 23 2021, 12:25 AM #Permalink
a little late but; right after you download it just open up your windows defender or whatever, go to something like "virus and threat center" or "vault" than look for "history" or it might say something related to the history of viral events. you than just click the one that was 4 mins ago and say allow.
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