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posted on Saturday, November 11 2017, 08:09 PM in Updates
The following updates will be applied on 15th November at 23:59. The server will be down for approximately 1-2 hours.

The Halloween event including Terminus decorations, pumpkins, seasonal buffs, Denubu NPC and store/exchange, Broomstick hire, Halloween promotional items on the Shopping Mall, Jack'o'Lantern dungeon boss, and the strange portals will end and be removed.

All Modes
Can no longer be reset with Dungeon Reset Card and will reset automatically at 00:00 server time.
This is so that the dungeon can be made more rewarding with better drop rates and amount of cards and other items and also so that the limits on how often an item can drop over a period of time can be removed, because currently some players farm the hell out of it and the next players that enter end up getting nothing but a Fairy's Marble :P The dungeon will now be more rewarding for the effort involved.

Drop chance of all items has been increased.
Drop amount of some items like Equipment Cards has been increased, and/or chance to obtain an extra card added.
Quest item drop chance increased considerably and chance to obtain an extra item added.

Sweep Stake skill radius reduced from 20m to 10m.

Falling Crystals amount reduced and will now fall at a slightly slower speed and display a red circle/shadow on the ground where they will fall, making it far easier to avoid as you no longer confuse the marker with your own character's shadow.

Fixed an issue with the Fury aura (Attack Speed increase) remaining for too long and speeding up the Falling Crystals.

Prismatic Gems (Crystal of Death etc.) will no longer activate at excessive range causing massive graphics lag for some players. They will now activate if you get close enough to them for their aura to actually affect you.

The Bend Time transformations (Visage of Crystalisk/Rhinestone) had their skills and skill animations updated. They are now ranged skills and descriptions are shown in the tooltips of skills 1-3. They basically do increased damage to Crystalisk/Rhinestone and drain HP/MP which is required to keep you alive from the damage over time done to you whilst transformed.

Spawn of Crystalisk/Rhinestone skill animations and visual effects fixed.

Normal Mode
Can now be entered in a raid of up to 18 players instead of a party of 6.

Hard Mode
Rhinestone now spawns after Crystalisk is defeated, not at 50% of his health.

Insane Mode

New Insane mode encounter added for level 100 players.
The encounter is very similar to Hard mode with a few changes here and there but I'm not going to give too much information :)

Crystalisk drops brand new level 100 Rings and Earrings.
Rhinestone drops brand new level 100 Bracelets, Necklaces and Medals.
These are the same as the level 85 Crystalisk/Rhinestone accessories with increased stats.

Drops brand new titles:
Symbol of the Dragon Hunter
Boss Bonus Damage +15%
All Stats +175
Physical Defense +4000

Symbol of the Dragon Slayer
Boss Bonus Damage +15%
All Stats +175
Magic Defense +4000

Drops brand new Mini Lisk and Mini Rhine transformation cards:
Mini Lisk
Physical Skills
Grants 1000 Physical Attack and 30% Physical Absorb whilst activated.
Skill 1: Sweep Stake: Chance to reduce All Hit and All Defense.
Skill 2: Tread: Chance to cause damage over time.
Skill 3: Fury: 25% Attack Speed buff

Mini Rhine
Magic Skills
Grants 1000 Magic Attack and 30% Magic Absorb whilst activated.
Skill 1: Sweep Stake: Chance to reduce All Hit and All Defense.
Skill 2: Tread: Chance to cause damage over time.
Skill 3: Fury: 25% Attack Speed buff

Drops brand new Mini Lisk and Mini Rhine battle pets:
Mini Lisk
Physical Ranged
Auto-attack has a chance to reduce All Hit and Physical Defense.

Mini Rhine
Magic Ranged
Auto-attack has a chance to reduce Attack Speed, increase Casting Speed and reduce Magic Defense.


The Fire Pit has been updated and reworked and has a new schedule! You can now enter the Fire Pit with up to 5 level 85+ friends in a party, where you must defeat one of the new Fire Pit Guardians.

The guardians have in their possession the fabled Fire Pit Fragment as well as other treasures. Collect 100 Fragments and you can exchange them for an exclusive mantle, [Mantle of the Pit Master], and brandish fiery wings.

Announcements will be made 15, 10, 5 and 1 minute before the event starts allowing you to prepare and get to the entrance in the Terminus Fort Entrance area. When the event starts you will receive the Fire Pit Buff for 15 minutes, allowing you to enter the arena.

Inside you will be confronted by one of the Fire Pit Guardians, the dragon Rakdos or the demon Pyre Lord Azjalor. Defeat the guardian and reap the rewards, but be mindful of other parties entering as they can steal the guardian and it's treasures if they defeat your party.

There are no exits from the Fire Pit. Once inside, the only way to leave is by death or by using a Teleporter or Teleport Scroll. If you leave the pit or die, you will lose the Fire Pit Buff and will not be able to enter again.

Rules? There are no rules in the Fire Pit. Enter, fight, win!

New Schedule
MON-THU: 15:00
FRI-SUN: 09:00, 15:00, 21:00

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Can I enter with a party?
A. Yes, you can enter with a party but you cannot make a party, or invite more players to an existing party once inside the Fire Pit.

Q. Can I enter with a raid party?
A. No.

Q. What happens if I die?
A. You get ported to Terminus and the event is over for you until the next time. No loot, nothing, you are out of the game.

Q. Will I lose Chaos Points if I die?
A. No.

Q. How long do the Fire Pit Guardians spawn for?
A. They spawn for 15 minutes at the start of the event. If they are not engaged for 15 minutes they will despawn until the next Fire Pit event.

Q. So you only have 15m to defeat the Fire Pit Guardian and then they will despawn?
A. They will not despawn if you are fighting them, only if you leave them waiting for 15m.

Q. If my party defeats the party fighting the boss and then kills the boss, we can get the loot?
A. Yes. You will need to wait 1m for the chest to become lootable though so you best be on your guard if there are any enemy players still remaining as they will also be able to loot it!

Q. I have 100 Fire Pit Fragments, how do I claim the mantle?
A. Talk to the NPC next to the entrance portal in Terminus, she will give you a quest and once you have 100 fragments you can hand it back in for the mantle.

Q. Must I have the quest to loot the Fire Pit Fragments?
A. No, you can still loot the fragments without the quest. It's probably best to take the quest when have the needed 100 fragments, because if you take the quest before and then abandon it, you will lose any fragments you have collected.

The guardians are of average to easy difficulty if you pay close attention to their skills - just difficult enough to require a party or if you are brazen enough, 2-3 players. They are not set to be too difficult due to the nature of the Fire Pit, as other players can enter and interfere at any time during the 15m Fire Pit Buff.

But Why!?!?!?
I have wanted to change the Fire Pit event for a long time. It was never meant to be the solo farm fest it is right now - it was originally added to encourage some PvP on the server which is why it has such a great reward with the title (now Mantle), but it just turned into a joke with players taking turns to loot the chest with absolutely no effort involved. The changes may not encourage more to PvP but at least now some effort will be required if you want that Mantle and the other items added to the Guardian's drops :)

The looting mode when in Fire Pit is Free for All, regardless of the looting mode you have set in the party menu. This is to avoid any issues of being unable to loot if it's set to Master Loot and the party leader dies and gets removed from the Fire Pit map etc. The chest will remain for 3m giving plenty of time to distribute loot or decide who is looting what amongst the remaining players.

NOTE: I will not assist with any issues you have with looting in the Fire Pit. I have done all I can to reduce issues with looting including setting the loot mode to Free for All and increasing the time that loot chests last before despawning to 3m, which is plenty of time to decide who gets what of those left remaining in the party, but I would advise you discuss this with your party before so there are no mishaps. If somebody loots something they shouldn't, or if another player/party steals the chest, it's too bad - I will not assist.

Donator's Private Seat and Donator's Exclusive Seat tarot buff chances were modified slightly to make some of the buffs more even, for example the Magic Hit and Physical Hit buffs.

Corrected the names and icons for Donator's Exclusive Seat.

Loathing Soul skill chance effect corrected. It has 10% Magic Defense reduction, not 775%.

Fixed issue with Pet Summon Scroll and Pet DNA tooltips showing ERROR! if the pet's skill has Stun, Immobilize, Silence, Skill Paralysis.

Fixed issue of pet portraits of previously logged in character showing on other character's pet window if they have no pets of their own.

Reduced the unnecessarily large 10s visual effect before casting Demonic Reach.
Reduced the radius of Demonic Reach.
Corrected some animation issues with Demonic Binding Touch (aoe grabbing hands that DoT and Stun you) that might have been causing some to disconnect but I can't be sure, it doesn't for me).
Changed Demonic Binding (single grabbing hand) and Demonic Binding Touch (aoe grabbing hands) to last for a flat 3s and 9s. Their debuffs were supposed to stay active while you were in the radius where they appeared but it wasn't making much sense as the animations (grabbing hands etc.) were too shorter than that.

Removed the annoying Epic Loot announcements and +10 Enhancement announcements from displaying at the top middle of the screen. They will only appear in the chatbox now.

Updated the Examine window to show the player's Mantle.

Fixed an issue with the Hero window that was sometimes causing your character to be unable to select objects like other players, NPCs, monsters etc. Please let me know asap if you still come across this bug and try to remember what you did between then and the last time you had the Hero window opened. Moved map, died, got pulled or pushed etc. etc.

Fixed issue with Alternative Card Equip Scroll not working on items that had an extra card slot from using a Card Slot Creation Scroll.

Fixed a bug with the Blacklist not working properly when switching (relogging) to a different character.

Added mail to the list of things blocked by the Blacklist. You will no longer see blacklisted players mail in your inbox. It's still there, and you will still be notified with the new mail icon when receiving it, but it will not show in the inbox whilst the player that sent it is blacklisted.

Updated the Dungeon Party Finder so that it can be used to make a raid party for Hall of Crystalisk and Catacombs raid dungeons. If you create an entry with either of those dungeons a raid party will be created automatically when the first player joins.

Fixed several bugs with the Dungeon Party Finder including one that would not let you delete your own entry after a player quit the party.

Increased the time an offline player will remain in a party until automatically removed from 1m to 2m.

Increased the time that loot chests remain on normal (non-dungeon) maps from 1m30s to 3m.

Fixed an issue with the boss spawning system where in rare cases a boss would not spawn at it's scheduled time slot.

Added support for using skills that can be cast on yourself and/or others whilst moving which means all buff type skills that now be changed to work whilst running. Most buff skills have been changed as well as self-auras/stances, but party auras still require you to stop briefly, I will change those later.

Lots of class skills were modified to make them usable whilst moving as well as some other changes. See the full list here.

Please test all of your skills that were changed and let me know asap if any of them have problems but I have not found any issues so far.

The game has so much more content now than when it was first released, and some of the systems used to cache models and textures (to speed up loading times when moving back to a map you already entered before) are no longer viable unless you happen to have large amounts of RAM on your computer, but most do not.

I have added what you might call "Garbage Collection" to the game client, to reduce the memory footprint quite considerably after extended play time, effectively reducing RAM usage and all the problems low RAM can cause to the performance of your computer.

This new system will save you quite a considerable amount of RAM. In my tests of moving from Terminus to every field map in turn (not including dungeon or battlefield maps) I save over 500MB of RAM. If I move to dungeon and battlefield maps also, I save more than 1GB of RAM. My client now uses just over 1GB of RAM instead of 2GB after moving to all maps.

Most players probably won't be moving to all maps in the game that often but the same problem occurs when you move between the same maps repeatedly, for example dungeon run > Terminus > dungeon > Terminus etc. So this new system should benefit everyone and hopefully you see an improvement to your computer's performance whilst playing :)

nsDB has been updated with all the latest items and monsters.
Corrected an issue with Relics in nsDB showing that they have card slots when they do not.
Added section for Mantles and Mantle Schematics in nsDB.
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