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Silk GM Silk
posted on Sunday, December 03 2017, 05:15 AM in Events

Hi Iris players! It's time for the next installment of the Screenshot Event!

The theme is Scenery. Your screenshots should be related to this theme.

1st place: 20 GM boxes of your choice
2nd place: 15 GM boxes of your choice
3rd place: 10 GM boxes of your choice

Simply reply to this post and use the Attach button to add up to 3 game screenshots relating to the theme above.

You have 2 weeks to post here or on our Facebook page if you prefer. I will be sharing the link via the Facebook.

In two weeks I will lock this thread and choose the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

Start Date: 3/12/2017
End Date: 16/12/2017

PLEASE also post the type of GM Box you want - the options are:
GM Gold Box
GM Tear Box
GM Speedy Food Box
GM Steel Food Box
GM Potion Box
GM First Aid Box

1. Post MUST include in game name.
2. Nothing inappropriate.
3. Only entries related to the theme will be accepted.
4. Minor editing/enhancement IS allowed but don't go over the top - it should still look like a screenshot.
5. Submit all entries before the end date.
6. Only 3 screenshots per person/account.
7. You must add the type of GM Box you want in the post with the screenshots.
8. If there are not enough screenshots in 2 weeks, the contest will end and there will not be any winners.

Theme: Scenery
1. IceCream -
2. RayDarkwolf -
3. Veno -

Send in those screenshots!
Show us what you've got!

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