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james james
posted on Wednesday, May 20 2020, 01:14 AM in Game Suggestions
GM i dont know if anyone suggested this before.. but would it be possible if you implement a shared storage in 1 account? so we can transfer our.untradable gears and items to our new character. it would help some of us. and the new players also. since they can transfer there gears to try other class.. example like wings and gears they farm on there high lvl class. but gears are untradable..
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    2NE1 2NE1
    replied on Wednesday, May 20 2020, 09:13 PM #Permalink
    it be nice but i dont think it be nice tbh. i play eclipse flyff and u can buy a scroll which allowed u 30 days to access all 3 players storage but it wont be good for iris cus most are untradeable and if u do that people wont be donating or buying any in shop like costumes, and etc. all characters can just use 1 instant mount for 5 characters LOOOL~ that be nice but no ty. we dont need that in iris lol.
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    Souji Okita Souji Okita
    replied on Saturday, May 23 2020, 06:54 PM #Permalink
    That sounds like a good idea. I have some mounts and I would like to share some for my other chara.

    It is so sad to start with a poor and super slow mount. :(
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