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Umpity Umpity
posted on Wednesday, December 06 2017, 06:27 PM in Game Suggestions
this has been an issue for a long time

accessory A says gives 10% eva actual stat given is 10 eva.
accessory B says gives 300 crit actual stat given is 30 crit.
accessory C says it gives 30 crit and only gives 3.

it is this way for almost any item ive found i think would be nice to normalize all the numbers to the actual stats given so as to not mislead new players and veterans alike.
why not just put the actualy +/- number on the item? i know some of the percentages in game actually work like percentages and some do not also some items actually give the number stated and others do not. It is really frustrating.

my next topic
Now my suggestion: make +/- increase in stats show on tooltip like this.


mag attack 150-300 (+100)
mag hit 150 (-50)
casting time 12% (+2%)

the numbers in parenthesis are the amount increase/decrease from the item you are currently wearing and they should be displayed in green for increase and red for decrease.

so many other games of this genre have this already i think it would be a great addition to iris.
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    Sedy Admin Sedy
    replied on Wednesday, December 06 2017, 07:28 PM #Permalink
    Most of the secondary stats like Hit+, Crit+, Eva+, Protection+ convert to a percentage at 10 to 1, so simply divide by 10 (or multiply by 0.1) to get the actual percent. If it says 300 Hit+ then it will be 30% Hit.

    However, the % version of these stats are a percentage of the actual stat that you obtain from base stats, not the + stats.

    For example, if you had 1000 Hit+ on items and another item with 10% Hit, it's not 10% of that 1000 Hit+, it's 10% of the Hit+ you get from your base stats like Agility, Intelligence etc. So equipping an item with 10% will not actually give you a 10% improvement on your current Hit% rating that you see in the Hero window, it will usually be much less unless you have an enormous amount of Hit from a base stat.

    Anyway all of this will change in the new year as I am reworking how secondary stats work and what you obtain from the base stats. I will most likely change how the % stats work also so that they actually give what they say, but it's still in the design/thought stage at the moment so won't give further information right now.

    I do like the idea to have what you will gain/lose in the tooltip compare - I will keep it mind :)
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  • Accepted Answer

    Ray Darkwolf Ray Darkwolf
    replied on Wednesday, December 06 2017, 08:04 PM #Permalink
    Will the positive and negative stat changes have Green and Red fonts too with an arrow up and arrow down HAHAHAHA :D
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