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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Friday, April 01 2022, 11:53 PM in Updates
Hidden Cavern 3F


The 3rd floor of Hidden Cavern is a brand new level 100 PK enabled map designed specifically for world bosses. There will be no quests or anything required by new leveling players, it's purely for world bosses and PK, with some mining and treasure chest hunting too.

Hedorah Crystal Devourer

Hedorah, a new world boss has taken up residence in Hidden Cavern 3F. It will spawn once per week and will be announced by the server when it spawns just like other bosses.

Hedorah drops brand new level 100 Unique and Epic weapons.

Dark Predator Sraclone
The world boss Sraclone has been promoted to level 100 and will also spawn in Hidden Cavern 3F. Currently she shares a spawn slot with the new boss Hedorah, so one or the other will spawn once per week.

Sraclone drops level 100 Unique and Epic weapons, Epic accessories, and a brand new Legendary mount.

Okeanos now has a chance to spawn in Hidden Cavern 3F as well as the usual Port Plunder on Sundays, and either Port Plunder or Abysmal Shore on Wednesdays.

Corrected a bug with the recent change to spawn in Abysmal Shore on Wednesdays - it was supposed to be a chance to spawn there, not guaranteed.


Corrections to boss monsters that were unable to attack pets at all. It's only AoE skills that should not affect pets. Now, a monster will attack a pet that is on it's threat list if it cannot reach a player.

Boss Obstructions Bugfix
Corrections to the pet system that were preventing boss monsters from removing doors/gates/obstructions that they created as part of their encounter if players ported out of the dungeon or disconnected while they had a pet summoned, at Radon for example.

Scourge Lieutenants

This level 75 chain quest now requires Glaceon (the lowbie version) instead of Sraclone.

Summer Treant

Debuff corrected from Magic to Physical type.

Wind Purification

Corrected the duration to 10s from 0s.

Wind Walker
Vanish & Camouflage

These skills can no longer be used when carrying a flag in a battlefield. If used, the flag will be dropped.

Players that have initiated an attack and are in the process of moving to the Wind Walker to use a skill or autoattack when Vanish or Camouflage are used will now stop attacking correctly instead of continuing to move to their location and attacking them.

Cyclone Flurry
Corrected this skill's bound type to match what is stated in the tooltip - damage to the target and those around it, not damage to those around the Wind Walker.

Annihilate 2

Corrected the tooltip bonus damage amount.

Dragon's Courage

Corrected the tooltip to state it is shared with Tiger's Fury and Phoenix's Fervor.


Correct a bug that allowed you to use a mount while under the effect of a Stun or Sleep debuff.

Karma from AoE Skills

Reverted the previous change that prevented AoE skills from affecting Karma if the AoE hit non-targeted players. This was implemented to prevent players from causing Karma changes by walking into your AoE skills at bosses, but since players are now using it to attack players without affecting their Karma, it has been reverted. You will now need to be more careful which skills you use when enemy players are around.

Karma from Non-Damaging Skills
Non-damaging offensive player and monster transformation skills that have debuffs such as Sleeps, Silences etc. now affect Karma the same as damage skills.

Deserter Debuff

The Deserter Debuff will no longer be applied to players that disconnect after the battle has ended and results have been displayed.

End Transformation Button

Corrected some possible issues with this button when ending a transformation that may have been causing a mismatch between the server and your game client.

Decomus Magic Tank
Corrected an issue with the Magic Tank gatherable transformation in Decomus that prevented you from canceling it.

Corrected skill 3's buff tooltip to state it grants Physical Crit, not Physical Hit.

Crimson Snowflower Armor Sets

Ian Durak now also sells glove and shoe armor parts for Crimson Snowflowers. These items previously dropped from Sraclone and a few general monsters at a very low chance.

Immunity Feedback

The UI will now display the message "Immune" above targets when your debuff, knockback, or pull, fails due to the target having immunity to it.

Note: Boss monster permanent immunities will not trigger the "Immune" message. Bosses are usually permanently immune to Stun, Sleep, Immobilize, Silence/Skill Paralysis, Knockback, Pull, Movement Speed reduction, Attack Speed reduction and Casting Speed increases.

The "Resisted" message remains as it was and will be shown when the debuff fails due to it's chance rate and your Accuracy vs the target's Resistance rating.

Friend Announcements
Corrected a bug with friend login and logout announcements in the chat box not showing when in a dungeon or battlefield.

Title Window
The 5 most recently used titles are now displayed in the title window and can be quickly selected instead of scrolling through the entire list. This was an original feature that I disabled a long time ago due to bugs that are now fixed.

Hero Window
Corrected the tooltip for Agility and Wisdom to reflect the recent changes to Magic Evasion. Magic Evasion now comes from Agility, not Wisdom.

Vortex/Snow Mountain/Hall of Elements
Corrected the Reward window still being displayed when everyone in the dungeon dies with no remaining revives available. No rewards should be given when this happens but it was still displaying it and you were not able to get rid of it until you completely closed the game client.

Improvements when moving between areas on a map with different colour fog or lighting differences. It should be much smoother and gradual now.
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