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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Saturday, August 03 2019, 12:16 AM in Updates
Corrected the Firework/Anniversary HP and MP potion icons and names.

Fixed the issue of the skill bar lock setting getting changed when moving map or relogging.
The lock icon only appears on the horizontal (default) skill bar but the lock setting applies to both horizontal and vertical bars.

Already patched in yesterday:
Corrected the terrible (but fun) bug where all players had maxxed out attack speed and range.

Corrected an issue with battlefield and Colosseum team creation that was sometimes preventing the match from starting due to lack of players, even though there were enough to start.
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Hi Sedy can we have special emblems or buff or something for being Max Level HAHAHAH
4 days ago
I have sent you a private message.
4 days ago
Fascinating, will adjust then and see how it is. It just felt weird cause I do not think it was also
5 days ago
It's two different issues really. The first is mobs resetting when you run against walls or turn
5 days ago