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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Tuesday, November 01 2022, 10:06 PM in Updates
There will be a short maintenance at midnight tonight and the following updates will be applied:

The Halloween events have come to an end. Hopefully you had enough time to collect all the Candy Bats you needed.

NEW: Pet Bar

A new quickbar containing the pet commands Attack, Recall, Stay, Dismiss, and Auto Fight will now appear when you summon a battle pet. This means you can free up 5 slots on your regular quickbars for class skills and items instead of using them for these commands, but they do remain available in the Community tab of the Skill window should you want to add them to your regular quickbars.


The Pet Bar will also display the Shortcut Key overlay for the keys you have setup in Shortcut Settings. These default to:
Attack: N0 (Numpad 0)
Recall: N7 (Numpad 7)
Stay: N8 (Numpad 8)
Dismiss: N9 (Numpad 9)
Auto Fight: PD (Page Down)

You can move the Pet Bar around by clicking on the gripper to the left of the bar, exactly like the regular quickbars, and it's position will be saved when you close the game.

The Auto Fight shortcut icon will now display a visual, the same as your Aura type skills, when turned on.

Pet Summon Shortcuts
The shortcut icons that summon pets 1 to 6 that display by default on quickbar 6 will now display the pets cooldown when they are dismissed or die, just like the Pet window already does.

NEW: Hero Window Additional Stats Tab
As requested, a new tab has been added to the Hero window that displays the stats not shown in the Hero Information tab.


This includes all of the monster damage bonus stats like Boss Damage, Beast Damage etc., PvP Damage, Reach and Range, Healing Received, Threat, MP Consumption, Reflect, Drain, Target Count, as well as EXP/SXP, Gold, Item Luck, Reputation and Battlefield Point bonus totals.

Note: The Item Luck and Reputation amounts are currently showing as percentages unlike Item Luck and Reputation item tooltips and buff tooltips which now use the x2, x1.5 multplier type. I will get this corrected when I can.


Reputation related achievements have been corrected for players that already have Exalted status. These achievements will complete when you next login to your characters.


Herbs and Ores now grant some Experience when gathered.

Pandan Cove

To improve the leveling process, monster locations on this map have been changed depending on their level so that the lowest level monsters are near the entrance of the map instead of the highest level monsters and monsters have been moved further away from the entrance portal and NPCs.

Pandan Cove

[Daily] Coastal Cleanup
This level 80 quest (available at 78) no longer requires Buzzed Starfish (level 83).

[Wanted] Twinkle Twinkle Little Starfish
Quest level corrected to level 83 (available at 81).

Battle of Atlantis & Capture the Flag

As requested. the requirement for these battlefields starting has been reduced from 3vs3 to 2vs2. This was already patched in a couple of days ago.

Armored Pegasus

As requested, the size of this mount has been reduced slightly.
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