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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Saturday, July 04 2020, 06:22 PM in Updates
There will be an update later tonight (time TBC - I will probably do it when the server quiets down a bit - don't think I can wait until server restart) to fix the following:

Corrected animation issues with Ice Cream Van and Mad Hatter's Teacup mounts.

Corrected a tooltip typo in multiple items that grant Boss Bonus Damage - their tooltip was incorrectly showing it as being Drain HP. This included many Symbol of... (titles), Gourmet Bread consumables and recipes and some Tarot Spreads.

Corrected the stats on the following (old) Moolah costume pieces.
They now grant 10% Movement Speed again, not 5% like the Scrub's Tear version.

Hospital Supplies
Mermaid Fins
Mermaid Ears
A Single Rose
Present Bag
Swimming Goggles
Cool Sunglasses
Bouquet of Roses
Mark of the Ying Yang Warrior
Private School Cherry Backpack
Black Bear Backpack
Spades Backpack
Chocolate Twin Swords
Baseball Bat and Case
Chick Backpack
Vacation Toys
One-Eyed Glasses
Gypsy Lute
Bat Wings
Hospital Eye Patch
Water Gun
Tough Pirate's Eye Patch
Comical Hat Parrot
Violin Case
Cat Whiskers
Blue Fairy Wings
White Rabbit Backpack
Hockey Stick
Bamboo Panda Backpack
Gold Money Pocket
Flamingo Croquette
Heart Shaped Face Paint
Large Gift Bag
Fairy Wings
Figure Skating Skates
Duran Private School Backpack
Pyron Public School Backpack
Yellow Explorer Backpack
Red Explorer Backpack
Rubber Ring

Reverted the changes to mounts including the rubber-banding improvement and cooldown on instant mounts as they were causing multiple other issues that need time to fixed/reworked properly, like mounts with cast time being usable while moving, animation issues, cooldown triggering when it shouldn't and other stuff, so for now the changes have been reverted.

Do not missunderstand why I reverted these changes. They are for purely technical reasons only, nothing to do with a few people complaining they can no longer missuse their mount to glitch cast.
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