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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Friday, August 06 2021, 11:41 PM in Updates
The server will be down for 10-15 minutes tonight at 00:00 for a fast maintenance and to apply the following updates and fixes:

Scrub's Tear and Moolah Mounts and Costumes

The chance of receiving a larger amount of Tears or Moolah Tokens when extracting mounts, costumes, accessories, and wearing cards has been increased slightly. It is now more likely that you will receive more than 10% of the cost of the item back.

The rates are now as follows:
10% of the cost = 59.5% chance (was 65%)
20% of the cost = 29.4% chance (was 25%)
30% of the cost = 10% chance (was 9%)
50% of the cost = 1% chance (was 0.9%)
100% of the cost = 0.1% chance (no change)

You can now Extract Rage Mantle I-V, Valiant Mantle I-V, Devoted Mantle I-V and Agile Mantle I-V.
Extracting a Moolah mantle will return 10%, 20%, 30%, 50% or 100% of the item cost in Untradable Moolah Tokens with the same chance as mounts, costumes etc. (rates mentioned above).

Daily Reward

Fixed the Daily Reward interface incorrectly showing at login for players under level 65.

Corrected a bug causing pets to remain in the game world when the owner logged out (already patched in previously).

Corrected an issue with pet ratings and the pet rankings, with some pets gaining more points than they should have (already patched in previously).

Dungeon Entry Bug

Fixed a bug with the dungeon entry interface sometimes not opening and showing a Waiting for entry confirmation... message box on the screen that cannot be closed, leaving you with no choice but to force quit the game client using Task Manager.


Fixed a bug where enhancing items sometimes caused the loss of your equipped helm or other equipped items until you relogged.

If your game client crashes at any time and you are asked to submit the crash information - please do so. You only need to press the Submit button and it only takes a few seconds to upload. It's extremely useful to help me find and fix bugs that are interrupting your enjoyment of the game.
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