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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Sunday, February 10 2019, 11:42 PM in Updates
The server will be down for a short maintenance and updates at midnight tonight. It will be down for approx. 15 minutes.

Valentine's Day is coming up and Alfredo is in Terminus with a couple of quests and items in his store. Complete his quests and collect Love Tokens that you can spend at his shop.

There will be bonuses to EXP/SXP, Drops, Battlefield Points and Gold Drops on the 14th.

Full info is on the front page here.

The following legendary quests are now repeatable meaning you can do them again to get a different reward:
[Legendary] Black Heart
[Legendary] Infinitas
[Legendary] The Water Crystal

Cletus Ticket quest reward Earrings are now classed Legendary and are no longer sealable.
The Water Crystal is no longer sealable.

Corrected (reduced) the size of the Brownwing Pacaw pet.

Auction House
Buying an item no longer resets the page back to 1 in the main list or in searches or category views.
Buying an item no longer resets your search or category results, but simply removes the purchased item from the list.
Searches/category views now display items sorted by most recently added to oldest (the same as when you first open the auction house), not the lowest time remaining as before.

I had to rework quite a lot of code to make these changes so please let me know if you notice any oddities with the list of items after buying an item, but I think it should be fine.

Using the Info button in NPC Stores to view an item on nsDB no longer bugs the store, stopping you from purchasing anything until closing and reopening it.

Shift-Right-Clicking an item in NPC Stores now purchases a max stack of the item. If the item can be stacked to 500 then you will purchase 500. This was how stores worked originally before I changed it to open nsDB in your web browser, but since we now have the Info button it has been reverted.

You can now see if an item is sealed in the tooltip of items in the shopping mall and NPC stores.

Added new mantle schematic, Love Heart, to the Moolah Mall for the Valentines period


Previously unobtainable cooking recipe for Tough Steak now drops from Ho Tribe Worker in Resource Mine.

Battlefield level 100 Suede set (gunner classes) chance effect changed from Evasion to Shield Layers.

Item Balancing
Accessories including rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and medals have been rebalanced.
Armor set bonuses have been rebalanced.
Jade mantles, Eye of Horus relics, Quartz wearing cards, and several face costumes including Dragonlings have been rebalanced.

Full information on all balancing changes can be found here.

Treasure Chests
The Silver and Platinum Treasure Chests in Port Plunder have been separated. They were sharing spawn points so only one or the other could exist at the same time. A Silver and Platinum can now spawn individually, the same as in Pandahama Island. Please note that Platinum Chests now spawn at different coordinates.

Fixed a (very random) client bug when enhancing items that could sometimes cause your client to crash.
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