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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Tuesday, November 12 2019, 12:43 PM in Updates
The following was patched in at server restart this morning:

Pets can no longer run through or attack through obstructions like doors.

Monsters can no longer run through or attack through obstructions like doors. They can however walk through them when roaming around and not attacking.

Golden Temple Hard
High Priestess now summons a Scorpid every 10s.
Tomb Hawks are now much less likely to drop aggro/reset if not damaged for a while and will chase for longer.
Tomb Hawks will now start using their skills after a certain amount of seconds instead of at 90% health.

Since monsters can no longer run through obstructions when called by Mumu, the Golden Temple trash monsters (Scorpids/Protectors) can no longer interfere with the Mumu encounter, unless they happen to spawn in her room or walk through the door while roaming around and then get aggroed by a player, so Mumu will now spawn an additional Pet every so often.

Sharp Shooter
Ranged Fire 3 and Focused Sight 2 cooldown corrected to 3s from 20s.

Corrected an issue preventing you from creating some of the new VII recipes.
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