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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Wednesday, May 11 2022, 11:53 PM in Updates
The extended Easter events are now finished.

Minimap Server Time

Corrected an issue with the display of the server time lagging behind by 1 minute.

Client Window Annoyances
The game client(s) window position(s) will now be retained when changing the window size or switching vsync on or off in the game settings, and also when another full screen application like a screensaver or a full screen Window's dialogue pops up like when an application is opened as Administrator and you get the User Account Control request dialogue.

The game client will no longer insist on being the topmost window, causing other applications you open to be sent behind the game client window.

Fixed several incorrect skill and item tooltips.

Teleporter / Teleport Scroll

The issue with teleports failing and bugging your inventory if you received a party or guild invitation while casting the teleport has been fixed. Any friend or guild invitation outstanding at the time you move map will be automatically rejected.

Crystal Devourer's Dual Swords
Physical Crit corrected to All Crit.

Pet Food

Feeding your pet Pet Food will now display how much it actually healed for above the pet.

Corrected an issue with Pet Food 20% and Pet Food 30% healing for much less than they should.

More corrections to how pet threat on monsters is handled. In some cases it still wasn't getting cleared properly when the player dismissed or swapped their pet, or logged out or used a teleport scroll, resulting in monsters thinking the pet still exists and possibly preventing them from resetting properly and removing any obstacles/doors they created.


Corrected an issue that was preventing Karma changes when defeating a player.

The following are now working correctly again when defeating a player:
Regardless of your own Karma value, defeating a Neutral or Lawful player reduces your Karma by 10.

If you are Lawful and you defeat a Neutral or Lawful player, you are set to -1 Karma (Unlawful).

Regardless of your own Karma value, defeating a Chaotic player that does not have the Worthless Target debuff increases your Karma by 10.

Sending a -200 Karma Chaotic player to prison now awards the bounty correctly.
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