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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Saturday, August 13 2022, 01:03 AM in Updates
The following fixes were applied during the restart:

I'm A Monster I/II/III
These achievements have been removed as they were possibly the reason for some of the server crashes these past days.

Anniversary Fireworks
Forgot to mention this in the update post on the 8th. There were 2 different versions of the Anniversary Fireworks, although they were identical in every way other than their rarity. They were combined - so if you had some of the Uncommon rarity (green) ones, they will now be Rare (blue) and you can stack them with the others.

Special Potion Set I & II
Previously, both of these contained exactly the same items. Physical and Poison cleanse potions. Special Potion Set II now contains Magic and Poison cleanse potions instead. Both are available as Daily Gifts.

Cannon, Frecky, and Gigabit Pets
Corrected the materials needs for these Artisan pet patterns. They require Orichalcum Pins, not Orichalcum Pin the accessory :)

Molten Arena
Reduced the duration of Molten Arena from 15m to 10m.
Reduced the total points required to win from 75 to 50.
Reduced the required team count to start a match from 3v3 to 2v2.
Reduced the level, HP and Defense of the towers.
Increased the duration of the Movement Speed and All Attack buffs.

Target Frame
Corrected the player name colour in the target frame - it was always showing as Orange (Unlawful).

Guild Finder
Page up and down buttons now continue to work after selecting a guild from the list - previously you could no longer use them until you restarted the client.

Fixed the positioning of the relationship points gauge.

Skill Tooltips
Corrected the tooltip for skills with damage over time debuffs that scale based on Physical or Magic Attack. This includes Sorcerer's Chronovoid and Crusader's Rupture and Blood Congeal.

Corrected the tooltip for pet healing skills - they incorrectly said they were based on attack power. Basically mixed up with the above mentioned skill's tooltips.

Corrections to the Achievements window when switching between two characters. If the 2nd character didn't have any achievements, some of the achievement information from the 1st character was still showing.

Today went quite well with no world server crash for 16 hours and no dungeon server crashes for almost 11 hours since the nightly restart - but once more players started to login in the afternoon the crashes started again.

Further changes have been made tonight to stabilise the server including some operating system settings that I found tonight that could well be the cause of all of it. I'm gonna be quite mad if it is the case because I spent the best part of this week trying to find the cause thinking it was code related. Huge tip: Never think it's a good idea to do a hardware and software upgrade at the same time as a large update. Doesn't go well!

Anyway, fingers crossed please guys. Lets see how it goes today :)
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