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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Friday, January 12 2018, 02:20 PM in Updates
The first update of 2018 is just around the corner, bringing an end to the Christmas events, updates to the Myrmidon, Veteran monster updates and some bug fixes.

Myrmidon skill updates post:

All Christmas quests, NPCs, store and exchange store items, Terminus decorations, gatherables, Christmas Shushus and seasonal buffs will be removed. Please finish up any remaining quests over the weekend and hand in those pet summoning pieces before it's gone!

Veteran monsters now have a Crown above their name, making it easier to see they are Veterans (aside from their usual big-ass size :D)


Veteran monster now spawn randomly every 1-3 hours, including those needed for the Chain Quests (some of them were 4 hours).

Most elite field monsters (except for those on Colossus Shadowfields) changed to Veteran type and had their HP reduced slightly and damage reduced considerably.

Added more Veteran monsters:
Conflict Valley: Blue Mane Yeti, Red Mane Yeti, White Antie, Wild Black Bear, Wandering Stella, Ice Crab, Valley Bigfoot, Grand Bigfoot.
Frozen Nest: Black Mountain Lizard, Small Worm, Bighorn Cool-Moth, Dark Pupa-Pupa, Purpuresia, Thorny Owl, Crystal Spider, Dark Predator.
Spirit's Shelter: Sand Worm-Worm, Crura, Ho-Tribe Sentinel, Curt Cactus.
Twilight Quarry: Rogue Topo, Brown Sand Bear, Nocturnal Topo, Hyena, Wasteland Owl.
Night's Forest: Dry Mutul, Midnight Treeky, Dusky Treekan, Violent Forest Boar, Midnight Pupa-Pupa, Midnight Towtul.
Corrupt Valley: Fuzzy Bigfoot, Tin Soldier, Wooly Arachnid, Valley Lizard, Diseased Treekan, Stone Rosary.
Nightfall Shelter: Grassland Snake, Mecha Pupa-Pupa, Ho-Tribe Pickaxe, Diseased Hyena.

Veteran monsters DNA drop chance increased.

All Veteran monsters now drop some kind of weapon, armor or accessory from rare to epic quality.

A new [Information] message will now be displayed when a world boss is engaged, informing nearby players who started the fight (first hit).

[Information] Sedy started a fight with Namazu!

This should clear up any confusion about who owns the boss and it's loot should it die, when there are multiple parties involved.

Level 80+ field monsters had their skill and auto-attack damage recalculated, mostly resulting in lower numbers, especially for Tainted Fen, Grand Wildwoods and Port Plunder.

Fixed the huge damage of one of the Port Plunder Piranhas' skills.

Trophy, Mighty Trophy and Shining Trophy dropped from world and dungeon bosses have been redistributed among all world and dungeon bosses, even low level bosses. All world and dungeon bosses now have a chance to drop them.

Dungeon bosses will drop 5-15 trophies.
Scrub's Trophy Level 19-55 Boss monsters.
Scrub's Mighty Trophy Level 56-84 Boss monsters.
Scrub's Shining Trophy Level 85-100 Boss monsters.

World bosses vary on the amount they drop.

Normal field monsters and dungeon Elite monsters no longer drop any type of Trophy.

Trophies now drop from Veteran field monsters. They will drop 1-3 trophies.
Scrub's Trophy Level 1-55 Veteran monsters.
Scrub's Mighty Trophy Level 56-84 Veteran monsters.
Scrub's Shining Trophy Level 85-100 Veteran monsters.

Split up the trophy vendor items every 10 levels. So we now have a Trophy Vendor NPC for level 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 90.

Removed the Trophy NPCs from Terminus and added them to each level 40+ map near to the entrance to the map. We needed more vendors on the maps anyway so players can sell unwanted items to free up bag space.

Added level 42 unique weapons and armors to Trophy Vendor 40 (they were world drops previously - removed from drop system now).

Added level 45 unique accessories to Trophy Vendor 40.

Updated pricing for most trophy vendor items mostly resulting in lower prices.

Added new level 80 epic weapons to the Trophy Vendor 80 - these use the same model as CQ75 weapons.

Changed the level 85 epic trophy armor to level 80 - stats remain the same.

Level 85 epic trophy accessories now cost 1000 Mighty Trophy instead of 400 Shining Trophy.

Accessory Enhancements now sold for Mighty Trophy and Shining Trophy instead of Gold/Scrub's Tears.

Added three new Mane Wild Horse reskins in pastel shades of Yellow, Pink, and Green and added to store.




Added new mantle reforge to the store.


Adjustments made to Tarot Spreads to even out the chances of each buff. Some of the spreads below were setup incorrectly resulting in some buffs never getting selected. If you kind of knew which number you needed for particular buffs they might have changed now.

Spreads changed:
Bronze: Donator's Private Seat, Event Spread.
Gold: Donator's Exclusive Seat, Special Event Spread, Gold Support Spread, Gold Control Spread, Gold Combine Spread, Gold Vitality Spread, Gold Fierce Fight Spread.

Fixed a client bug with moving inventory items when the mailbox Compose window is open. It was trying to attach the item to the mail instead of moving it.

Fixed quest journal showing multiple (Complete) for completed quests with multiple duties.

The issue of not being able to see friendly team flag movement on the map/minimap in Capture the Flag battlefield has been resolved.

Since adding the FPS counter I have noticed quite a variation in the numbers even when on the same map which led me to do some investigating as to why. The main culprit is the UI text - chatbox, monster/player names, quest tracker etc. etc. or more to the point, the text outline.

For those of you with good graphics cards it's not much of a problem, but a lot of people have older cards or discrete onboard graphics that do not fair so well, especially with a couple of chatboxes open, quest tracker full of quests and lots of monsters on the screen.

Two new settings have been added to the Audiovisual tab of the game settings that will allow you to turn off text outlining or replace it with a much simpler shadow. Simply tick the one you want to use/prefer the look of. Text Outline is what you are used to now - the text is fully outlined. Text Shadow has far less to draw so it will increase your FPS but still look nice. Unticking both will remove all shadow/outline from the text and will give the biggest boost to your FPS, but some text might be difficult to read if you are on a map with light backgrounds like snow or sand.


I have also changed a lot of UI text so it doesn't have an outline at all - since most of the UI is very dark it was not very noticeable anyway.

Ursadine Highlands and Colossus Shadowfields have been updated to improve performance. Both of these maps were dog slow even on good graphics cards.

Lighting, fogging, and terrain draw distance updated on Ursadine Highlands, Colossus Shadowfields, Logging Area, Sandfall Desert, Abysmal Shore, Pandan Cove and Pandahama Island.

Corrected the tooltip for Potion of Protection V and [Recipe] Potion of Protection V - it does not increase Healing Received.

Fixed equipment cards Magic Hit, Magic Crit, Magic Eva and Magic Protection, All Hit, All Crit, All Eva and All Protection when used in pet armors.
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