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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Thursday, November 16 2017, 09:48 PM in Updates
The following fixes will be applied to the server tonight at restart time (00:00).

Corrected the Saint skills Celestial Anger 2, Weakness Dispel, Augment Dispel and Toxicant Dispel when used in Unholy Form. They now apply to the party again.
I also updated the tooltips of these skills to show that they affect party members in a 10m radius as it wasn't mentioned anywhere.

Updated the visual effect of several player skill buffs and armor/weapon/accessory chance effects that grant Damage Absorb to use the damage absorb visual effect (Wind Fortification etc.) as some were using the shield layer visual and some completely random stuff or nothing at all.

Fixed tooltip for Olive Ringtail pet's debuff causing client crash.

Corrected the Fire Pit start time for Monday to Thursday - it's 3pm not 1pm.
Fixed an issue with the Fire Pit guardians also spawning in multiple maps (dungeons).
Fixed a possible issue with the Fire Pit not ending properly (no Fire Pit buff removal or end announcement) if the leader of the party that killed the guardian disconnected or moved to a dungeon map.
Updated NPC text relating to Fire Pit schedule.
Updated Fire Pit quest text so it relates to the guardians and not the old chest.

Corrected the MP Drain stat on Rhinestone's Muffler - it has 2% MP Drain, not 1%.
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