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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Tuesday, December 17 2019, 01:15 PM in Updates
The following client fixes will be patched in later today/tonight:

Fixed a whopper of a bug that was causing players with 32bit Windows and probably those on 64bit with less than 4GB of Ram to crash quite frequently.

In fact, this fix will likely improve the performance of the game in general, for everyone, especially after running the game for long periods of time.

Now I'm not saying those with low ram will never crash again - but it will not be so frequent for sure :)

Thanks to Iskander for the detailed report on the forum - the information helped me pinpoint this bug.

Fixed background music not playing at the login/character select/make screens.
Fixed background music not playing when entering the game.
Fixed background music not playing after a map move.
Fixed background music not looping.

Corrected an issue that could cause the hoist point where you hand in your flags to not respawn.

Damage Meter
Fixed a bug relating to the Damagemeter when there are DoTs on a monster and the player or pet that applied them disconnects from the game.

Bag Tidy
Corrected an issue with the new bag tidy function removing the red coloring of unusable items after sorting your bag.

Note: I have noticed the bag tidy can be really slow sometimes, not reenabling your inventory for a while even though it has obviously finished the sorting. I am looking into it.

Auction House/Assistant Skill Search
Corrected the Auction House and Assist Skill crafting window search input not accepting SPACEs.

Corrected an issue with monster totems/circles that apply DoT damage (e.g. Namazu puddles) sometimes causing the client to crash.

Christmas Shushu Dungeon Boss
The Christmas Shushu Dungeon Boss will no longer appear in level 75 dungeons, Laioha Insane, Decomus Insane and Wood Garden Insane since he is level 85. He should only appear in level 85+ dungeons.

Monster Transformation Tooltips
Corrected several Monster Transformation Card buff and skill tooltip descriptions that got mixed up or were just wrong. Some of the Bloombugs, Deathcaps etc.

Damage Absorb Reduction Skills
Please note that some player and monster transformation skills that reduce Physical, Magic, or All Damage Absorb do not update the damage absorb totals in the Hero window, but I can assure you they do work - damage absorb is getting reduced by them. I need to fix it, but until then rest assured they are working.

Skeletal Steeds
These have been updated again to try to correct issues with map lighting (map goes completely white - Flagmatch, Wonderland, and some normal maps). The glows on them are not quite as bright as before, especially the white one.

Dragon Swords
Updated the Blue Dragon Sword as it was glitching with armor and some map objects. It no longer has the black smokey effect. The red version remains as it was for now but will likely be updated too when I have time to do it.
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