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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Saturday, January 18 2020, 01:50 AM in Updates
The server received a maintenance and the seasonal quests, monsters and items have been packed away for another year. The following changes were also made:

Bag Tidy
You will now be asked for confirmation when clicking the Tidy bags button.

Chat Fading
Chatbox entries (player chat, announcements etc.) will now fade out after 120s. You can bring the entries back by scrolling the mouse wheel while the mouse pointer is over a chat window, or you can click on the scroll bar.

Updated the emotions system with lots of new /commands that display some text that changes depending if you have somebody targeted or not, and if you are the one being targeted or a 3rd party. They have been tied into the emotion animations where possible, but there are not visual animations for all of them.

With nobody targeted, you will see "You laugh". everyone else will see "Sedy laughs.".
With a target, you will see "You laugh at target.", the target player will see "Sedy laughs at you." and everyone else will see "Sedy laughs at target.".

The commands are listed below:


Quest Tracker
Reduced the amount of unnecessary text (level of quest, double counts etc.) and added a semi-transparent background to make reading the text easier if you don't have the FPS killing outlined text setting turned on.

Corrected the Smoked Lizard Egg recipe.
Corrected Potion of Power/Passion V tooltip.

Corrected several pet related questions.

Reduced RAM/VRAM requirements for the basic UI slightly.
Grand Wildwoods map model optimisations and VRAM reductions.

That's about all for now. This is just the stuff I had ready before getting sick earlier this month, so I haven't been able to work on the game so much (and apologies if you sent me messages and didn't get a response). Starting to feel better now so I will soon continue with the new dungeon I am working on :)
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