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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Thursday, March 18 2021, 12:37 AM in Updates
Target of Target (already patched in previously)
The Target of Target unit frame will now update correctly when your target selects a new target without actually attacking it - previously it would only get updated when a direct damage skill was used.

Corrected an issue preventing the Target of Target frame working when your target uses a Monster Transformation or Mount.

Fixed some issues that were causing the Target of Target frame to hide itself intermittently.

This fix was already patched in some days ago but the skill tooltips have now been updated.

Skills that do bonus damage as a multiplier of a total primary stat like Destructive Strike, Destructive Blast, Wind Strike, etc. were not being calculated properly. They now do their full bonus damage and also take primary stats obtained from equipped items and cards, passive skills, buffs etc. instead of just the base primary stat from pet level. The damage is considerably higher than before and therefore the multipliers of the skills have been modified.

Instead of 2.5x on all ranks of the skills, the modifiers now increase from 1x to 2x as the rank of the skill increases, but due to the other changes, Rank 1 at 1x will do almost as much bonus damage as Rank 10 did previously.

Rank 1: 1x
Rank 2: 1.1x
Rank 3: 1.2x
Rank 4: 1.3x
Rank 5: 1.4x
Rank 6: 1.5x
Rank 7: 1.6x
Rank 8: 1.7x
Rank 9: 1.8x
Rank 10: 2x

Vortex/Snow Mountain/Hall of Elements
Increased the amount of rewards obtained when not completing all stages of these dungeons.
Normal Mode: 10 stages now rewards 3 items, up from 2.
Hard Mode: 10 stages now rewards 3 items, up from 1.
Hard Mode: 15 stages now rewards 4 items, up from 2.

Result Window
Corrected an issue with the result window not always showing the rewarded items when a duplicate item was obtained due to a bug - the bug is now fixed.

Modified how the final score for these dungeons is calculated and adjusted the rank requirements (AAA, S, SS etc.). It should now be possible to obtain the higher score ranks in all modes of these dungeons, whereas before it was almost impossible.

All scores/rankings for these dungeons have been reset.

Corrected some issues with some weapon/armor drops from trash monsters in Laioha Insane, Decomus Insane, and Temple of Atlantis Insane.
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