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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Friday, May 17 2024, 11:23 PM in Updates
The following updates will be applied during the server restart at 00:00.

World Boss: Dark Deity Ishva

Now spawns on Saturdays* instead of being spawned randomly by the death of Ishva in the Temple of Ishva dungeon.

Damage circles will now be removed when the boss resets or when defeated.

World Boss Dark Deity Ishva Weapons

Corrected to be class restricted*.

Garden of Baphomet and Amanita's Nest Titles

All of these titles now only require level 65*.


Many pet auto-attack debuffs had their efficiency modified based on the strength of their debuff so that weaker debuffs do not overwrite stronger debuffs.

Map move bugfix
Corrected an issue that was sometimes preventing your summoned pet from appearing correctly when moving map multiple times in quick succession.

Loot System

The default loot system when a new party is formed has been changed from Take Turns to Free for All.

You will no longer be charged the gold fee when canceling a reforge.
The reforge interface will now close when using the Cancel button. Before it would remain open but trying to reforge again would not work correctly resulting in you needing to close and reopen it anyway.

Achievements requiring you to extract items are now triggered when the extraction is successful, not when starting the extraction process.

Quest item requirements will now be correctly updated in the quest journal and quest tracker when you delete or use an item that is required by any active quests*. ie, the item count will now get updated in the quest information.

*already patched in over the last week or so.

For those of you that cannot patch due to your country blocking our domain, you can download the updated IrisClient.exe below. Unzip it and place it in the Iris folder.
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