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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Monday, November 18 2019, 11:48 PM in Updates
There will be a fast maintenance and updates at server restart at midnight tonight.

Halloween decorations, NPC, pumpkins and quests have been removed from Terminus.

A message will now be displayed when a pet despawns due to their Loyalty falling below 10%.

Corrected a bug causing a pet to lose any recently gained Experience when using a Teleporter to leave a dungeon.

You can now type in the chatbox in non-latin alphabet languages such as Russian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Greek, etc.

All other text entry (character name, pet name, search fields, mails etc.) are restricted to the Latin alphabet and will not work if you have your input method set to anything other than a Latin alphabet language.

The server rule about English only in the Megaphone still stands! This is still an English speaking server. This change is just a convenience so you can chat in your guild or party, or other private chats in your native language.

The Who's Online window has been updated. Nothing much has changed on the surface apart from changing to a scrollable list instead of pager system, but the code has been updated and optimized and should load more quickly.

Added a new level up reward system with tips and rewards for levels 2 to 100. A new window will appear in the bottom-left of the screen displaying useful information and rewards when you level up your character.

Rewards are sent directly to your Giftbox so there is no need to worry about inventory space - they can remain in the Giftbox until you are ready to use them.

Full listing of rewards:
2 Money Bag (1000g)
3 General Transformation Card Box I
4 Monster EXP Booster 20% (2 Hours)
5 Beginners Horse (7 Days)
6 Monster SXP Booster 20% (2 Hours)
7 Guild Emblem I
8 Teleporter (7 Days)
9 Shebuz Snowfield - Teleport Scroll x5
10 Scrub's Tears x10
11 Inventory Expansion
12 Mining Pick
13 Hero's Noble Steed (7 Days)
14 HP Potion II x30
15 Greater Tonic Box x2
16 Life Card I (AB)
17 Magic Megaphone (7 Days)
18 Altus Gorge - Teleport Scroll x5
19 Armor Enhancement (Lv 1-50) x10
20 Level 20 Armor Box
21 Money Bag (100k)
22 Money Bag (100k)
23 Weapon Enhancement (Lv 1-50) x10
24 Shrouded Valley - Teleport Scroll x5
25 Money Bag (100k) Laioha
26 Greater Tonic Box x2
27 Scrub's Trophy x50
28 Hidden Cave 1F - Teleport Scroll x5
29 Regular Evolution Agent
30 Money Bag (100k)
31 Ability Wearing Card II
32 HP Potion III x30
33 Costume Hat Box
34 Hidden Cave - Teleport Scroll x5
35 Money Bag (100k)
36 Hidden Cave 2F - Teleport Scroll x5
37 Dungeon Reset Card
38 Monster EXP Booster 20% (2 Hours)
39 Monster SXP Booster 20% (2 Hours)
40 Level 40 Armor Box
41 Wind Basin - Teleport Scroll x5
42 Dungeon Reset Card
43 Experience Recovery Card
44 Red Sand Hill - Teleport Scroll x5
45 Money Bag (100k)
46 Hairstyle Change Scroll
47 Bless's Box
48 Bunch of Roses
49 Warrior's Refuge - Teleport Scroll x5
50 Costume Accessory Box
51 Eye of Annes - Teleport Scroll x5
52 Greater Evolution Agent
53 NS Boxxy DNA x3
54 Twilight Quarry - Teleport Scroll x5
55 Tower Pass 1
56 Bulk Pet Rations 20%
57 Night's Forest - Teleport Scroll x5
58 Money Bag (100k) Reforge
59 Greater Tonic Box x2
60 Level 60 Armor Box
61 Corrupt Valley - Teleport Scroll x5
62 Scrub's Mighty Trophy x50
63 Bless's Box
64 Nightfall Shelter - Teleport Scroll x5
65 Special Potion Set
66 Dungeon Reset Card
67 Greater Tonic Box x2
68 Ursadine Highlands Teleport Scroll x5
69 Money Bag (100k)
70 Costume Box
71 Sandfall Desert - Teleport Scroll x5
72 Superior Evolution Agent
73 Remote Convenience Scroll (7 Days)
74 HP Accessory Enhance (Lv 51-85) x10
75 Money Bag (200k)
76 Money Bag (200k)
77 Experience Protection Card
78 Abysmal Shore - Teleport Scroll x5
79 HP Potion V x30
80 Money Bag (200k)
81 Pandan Cove - Teleport Scroll x5
82 Plastic Surgery Scroll
83 Bless's Box
84 Bronze Treasure Chest Key
85 Battlefield Equipment Coupon
86 Sandstorm Desert - Teleport Scroll x5
87 Armor Enhancement (Lv 86-100) x10
88 Weapon Enhancement (Lv 86-100) x10
89 Tainted Fen - Teleport Scroll x5
90 Scrub's Shining Trophy x10
91 Experience Protection Card
92 Grand Wildwoods - Teleport Scroll x5
93 HP Potion VI x30
94 HP Accessory Enhance (Lv 86-100) x10
95 Mount Box
96 Monster EXP Booster 20% (2 Hours)
97 Monster SXP Booster 20% (2 Hours)
98 Quest EXP & SXP Booster 30% (1 hour)
99 Money Bag (1m)
100 Untradeable Scrub's Moolah x50

Please run the launcher for the updates before trying to login.
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