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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Saturday, December 21 2019, 08:31 PM in Updates
Please run your launcher for the following updates:

The new quest marker (yellow exclamation above NPC) will now appear for high level players.

I am looking at making adjustments to how this dungeon works so that you can still continue to the next floor if you forget to take the quest. But this will have to do for the moment.

Corrected camera issues with the Port Plunder Octopus transformations.

Avatar of Archane

Corrected some of their debuffs to be efficiency 9, not 99.

Crusty Crab
Corrected tooltip to show the skill reduces Physical Evasion, not damage over time.

Leaf Sprite/Dark Leaf Sprite
Corrected their transformation card drop - they were dropping eachothers card.

Gargantuan Champion/Guard
Corrected the skill tooltip - they cause Immobilize, not Stun.

Corrected the glitched texture of Fiery Yellow Bat Mantle Schematic.

Optimized the loading and display of mantle visuals.
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