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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Thursday, July 22 2021, 07:29 AM in Updates
The server will be down for maintenance and some updates for approx. 1-2 hours at 08:00 server time.

Inventory Sorting

The inventory sorting feature has returned.

Quickbars and Skill Window
Corrected an issue with shared cooldown of charge and blink type skills not updating.
For example, using Charge 1 was not showing the cooldown on Charge 2's icon (the fade and countdown) - even though the cooldown was active and you couldn't use any version of the Charge skill until the cooldown was complete.

This affected the following skills:
Charge 1, 2 and 3
Crusader Strike 1 and 2
Shifting Blow 1 and 2

Tarot Collection Book
As requested, you can now remove Tarot Spreads from the Collection Book by right-clicking or dragging to an empty inventory slot.
Note: Dragging a Spread onto an existing Spread in the Collection Book will still overwrite the existing Spread - so be sure to remove it before dragging a new one into the slot if you want to keep it.

Boss Announcements
Removed the incorrect announcements when a boss despawned without anyone defeating it. Previously it was announcing that Somebody had defeated it.

Increased the width of the map name field so long map names don't get cut off.

Guild Finder
Added a pager to the Guild Finder. You will now see 7 entries per page.

Reduced the amount of data relating to the guild finder and guild rankings being sent to the client at login.

Pet Storage
Stored pets are now ordered by their Pet Score. This is similar to the Hero Rating and is calculated based on the pet's level, rarity, intensifies etc.

Reduced the amount of data relating to stored pets being sent to the client at login and map moves.

Tarot Divination (Daily Reading)
You can no longer paste text into the Quote box. You can still use Unicode characters by holding down the Alt key and typing + and the numeric code on the number keypad of your keyboard but you can no longer use Unicode that uses non-numeric codes, like +FDFD.

Daily Reward
As requested, the daily reward interface will now be shown when you login if you have a reward to claim.

5 Minute Quiz
Corrected some questions that had duplicate/incorrect answers.

Global Cooldown

Corrected an issue where using an instant mount didn't always trigger the global cooldown.

The Brazier debuff now causes Slow and reduces MP over time instead of doing HP damage over time.


Using an instant mount while having an enemy targeted and in range of your auto attack skill will no longer sometimes cause your character to stand and do a phantom attack instead of getting on the mount. This was just a client bug that set your character to the attack animation and sound instead of the mounting animation and sound.

Wood Garden Hell Mode Armor
Covenant Warrior item's Physical Attack stat corrected to All Attack.

Plate Moolah Costume (5-part sets)
Azure Lord, Aqua Protector, Spider's Kiss and Jade Emporer's 3-part bonus changed from Physical Hit to All Hit.

Added a few missing Alchemy recipes to the battlefield vendor, including [Recipe] Potion of Power V and [Recipe] Potion of Passion V. These two recipes no longer drop from monsters in Port Plunder.

[b]Mode Bug

The long-standing issue of sometimes entering a dungeon in the wrong mode should hopefully be fixed.

Hall of Elements/Vortex/Snow Mountain[/b]
More corrections to rewards sometimes being less than stated in the reward window. Should be ok now hopefully!

Hell Mode Dungeons
As requested, the Vindictive hell mode monster buff visual has changed color from blue to orange to differentiate it from the Sage/Prophet skill that uses the same visual.

Experience Loss

Pets will no longer lose their Experience gain when moving from a dungeon with a Teleporter or Teleport Scroll.
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