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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Sunday, July 23 2023, 11:40 PM in Updates
The following fixes will be applied during the server restart at 00:00 tonight.

Amanita's Nest & Garden of Baphomet

Fixed (hopefully) a bug with these dungeons that could sometimes cause your 1 player dungeon run to be set as 2 player - increasing the monster count and difficulty.

If you do a solo Amanita run and see 16 Mutul Workers instead of 15 in stage 1 or two additional Treeky with the final boss, please let me know ASAP so I can look at it again, but I think it should be fixed now. I did many many runs to test and didn't have the problem, but I have added lots of additional behind the scenes logging to assist me with fixing it if it's not already.

The Exit Dungeon button and ESC key exit will now be unavailable while the Rewards window is open. You must either select a reward or press the Skip Rewards button before exiting to prevent an issue with the reward window bugging out and stalking you until you completely close the client.
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