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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Saturday, May 25 2024, 11:38 AM in Updates
Legendary Accessory Buffs

The Water Crystal (level 85) and Heart of Atlantis (level 100) party buffs can now be applied at the same time - they no longer replace each other.
The Eye of Horus (level 85 and 100) no longer replace The Water Crystal or Heart of Atlantis buffs.
The Eye of Horus (level 85) can no longer replace the Eye of Horus (level 100) buff, but the level 100 will replace the level 85.

To summarise, you can now have The Water Crystal, Heart of Atlantis, and one of the Eye of Horus buffs active at the same time.

Dark Deity

Corrected to grant Max HP, not Max MP.
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