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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Monday, February 26 2018, 06:09 PM in Updates
A small client patch was just pushed to fix the following:

Fixed Master Loot menu player name selector.

Fixed missing images (blue AB marker) for Card Creation Scroll. If you previously created an extra slot on an item you will now be able to see it in the tooltip too.

Fixed Need & Greed loot type menu positioning.

Fixed incorrectly sized images in the Trade window.

Fixed incorrectly sized images in the character Look window (when you change hair, face etc.).

Fixed an issue with the party unit frames interfering with right-click+move camera causing the player menu to keep popping up.

Currently Magician cannot learn the Thunderbolt skill due to needing an invalid rank of Discharge Area. This will be corrected at server restart tonight as it needs a server patch.

Client Scaling
Reworked the logic used when determining a valid game window size when you have scaling setup in Windows Display Settings. In some cases, setting a scale above 100% when you have a fairly small screen resolution means the client game window no longer fits on the screen and an error is given (Graphics failed!! blah blah). When this happens, the client will now switch to using your maximum screen size rather than give errors when possible.

However, if the minimum client window size of 1024x720 with your scaling percentage applied (125%/150% etc.) is above your actual display resolution set in Display Settings, it will obviously still fail - you can't fit a square peg into a round hole. This isn't a common occurrence but some of you seem to have your display resolutions set lower than what your monitor can actually display and also have scaling set above 100% - set it to use the recommended (native) resolution of your monitor, and preferably set your scaling to 100%, or at least the recommended value - unless you have issues with text being too small.

Windows (at least Windows 7) does warn you when you set a scale above 100% on a small resolution screen that things may no longer fit on the screen, pay attention to what it is telling you :P
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Please recheck your accounts now - should be good to login.
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