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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Wednesday, December 27 2017, 11:59 PM in Updates
The following changes and fixes will be applied tonight at server restart:

Server Time is now displayed in the bottom left corner of the mini map.
FPS (Frames Per Second) is now displayed in the top right corner of the mini map.
Removed the change channel button from the minimap.

Winter, Autumn, Summer and Spring Sprite auto-attack fixed - it wasn't doing any damage and the animation was missing. Also increased the Stun from 4s to 5s.

Corrected the prices for Soul Blader/Myrmidon and Templar/Champion level 100 battlefield armors.

Dead Man's Peak will now reset at 00:00 server time. It wasn't resetting at all previously.
Avatar of Archane's gate gaps repaired (already patched in previously).

Most Buffs and Debuffs that have some form of heal over time (healer skills, potions etc.) and damage over time (bleeds, poisons etc.) had their duration increased by 1s or their tick time (every 1s, 2s, 3s etc.) adjusted so that the last tick of the heal or damage is displayed properly.

The last tick was actually doing it's thing but was not being displayed properly (no damage/heal numbers above the target). There are a few short duration debuffs on class skills that I have not changed due to them having some other debuff like a Stun as well so I didn't want to increase even by 1s and the duration was too short to increase the tick time, but rest assured that last tick is doing it's damage even though you can't see any damage numbers for it.

In most cases, where the debuff only has a heal or damage over time effect, the extra 1s duration will make no difference at all to the total heal or damage, but in some cases the debuffs might have some other effects, but I was careful not to increase anything that had disabling effects like Stun, Immobilize, Skill Paralysis, Silence etc.

Some class skill damage over time debuffs that were changed from doing damage every 1s to every 2s or 3s in some cases will now do slightly more damage over the full duration of the debuff, but most were changed in a way that keeps there total damage the same as before.
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