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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Tuesday, September 28 2021, 05:33 PM in Updates
The server will be down for maintenance and a few small updates at 20:00 server time. It shouldn't take more than 10 minutes or so.

Skeletal Steed mounts can now jump while running, and rear when the jump key is used while they are standing idle.

This is part of a new experimental mount system that will enable me to create lots of new interesting mounts and add jumping to mounts I previously added to the game.

Target Unit Frame

The range displayed in the target window will now update correctly after using or canceling a Monster Transformation.

Player name colors in target unit frame will now update correctly when their Karma changes.

Player Name Plates
Player name color (above their head) will now be correct when they come into view of your hero. Previously they would always initially be white.

Hero Unit Frame
The hero unit frame name color will now change depending on your karma - as the target frame does.

Dead Man's Peak Exit Portal

Corrected an issue with the exit portal spawned by the final boss sometimes sending you to Terminus instead of Port Plunder.

Hell Mode Dungeon Buffs
The All Immunity buff has been removed from the random selection of boss immunity buffs. They will now have either Physical, Magic, Poison, or Provoke Immunity.

Boss buffs can no longer be reset and changed by leaving the dungeon.

New Mantles
Several new mantles schematics have been added to the store.

Sky Spirit Mantle Schematic


Sunlight Phoenix Mantle Schematic


Gold Star Mantle Schematic


Red Star Mantle Schematic


Blue Star Mantle Schematic


Blue Furies Mantle Schematic


Stat Change
Garden of Baphomet plate DPS armors changed from Physical Attack to All Attack.


Multi-target area of effect (AOE) skills will now only lower your karma when they damage a player you have targeted. Players can no longer walk into your AOE skills and affect your karma rating.

PK Map Portals
The immunity buffs received when using a portal to enter a PK map now have an after effect that prevents obtaining them again for 5 minutes.
The immunities provided by portals are intended to protect a player from being unexpectedly ambushed when entering one of these maps - not as a mechanic to prolong or gain an advantage while fighting players or bosses.

I have also made quite a few changes and additions behind the scenes to correct some issues with the server crashing recently as well as additional logging to help me fix some bugs - but nothing interesting enough to detail here.
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