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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Wednesday, October 30 2019, 11:27 PM in Updates
The following updates will be applied during maintenance tonight at midnight:

Corrected a major client crashing bug thanks to player crash submissions over the past few days - thanks guys. I'm not sure if it's the infamous R6025 error, but fingers crossed it could well be.

Please continue to submit any crashes - the more I receive the easier it is fo find and fix these issues.

Menu Bar
Corrected the new mail and new skill points indicator badges sometimes being behind the Mail and Skills buttons on the menu bar.

Corrected an issue with quest location markers on the main map - they were not moving with the map if you respositioned the map window.

Corrected a bug when cancelling an auction that prevented the item being mailed back to you.

Splicing DNA can no longer fail, resulting in returning only 1 DNA and no pet. Splicing will now be 100% guaranteed to get you a pet scroll.

Splicing DNA rates have been improved slightly - less chance to get Common/Uncommon, more chance to get Rare, slight more chance to get Unique/Epic.

Please run the launcher to get the client updates.
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