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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Wednesday, July 31 2019, 10:18 PM in Updates
The server will be offline earlier than usual tonight for a fast maintenance and updates at 22:30 server time. There will also be a client patch available when you run your launcher.

Further changes to how the game divides players into teams have been introduced that will prevent players sometimes entering Colosseum with no opponent.

Window controls including right-click menu are now disabled during a map move to prevent players from delaying the map loading to cheat in Colosseum by delaying their entry until after their opponent has been ejected with no points for having no opponent.

Bugfix: Shrink and Expand cards can now be used when sitting.

Can now be enhanced:
Earring of the Heart
All Clan and Dimensional accessories from Vortex and Snow Mountain.

Battlefield Souls Chest available from Boris Eagle Eye in Terminus in exchange for Battlefield Souls, received the following changes:
Reduced in cost from 20 to 8 Battlefield Souls.
50% Shrink Card count reduced from 10 to 5.
Battlefield Pet Summoning Piece chance increased.

Bugfix: Looting quest items when normal inventory is full corrected.

Bugfix: Corrected an issue where pets would refuse to attack your target under certain circumstances, usually after using a self buff skill.

Rank 2 pet skill books can now be purchased from the Pet Trainer in Terminus.
If you are crazy enough to combine to rank 10 from purchased books alone, this will dramatically decrease the amount of books, gold and catalysts required, but still crazy to combine from rank 2 to 10!

Pet skill books now stack to 100.

Pet skill books of rank 3-10 drop chance has been improved.

You can now drag (or right click) an entire stack of pet skills books into the Pet Trainer's Skillbook Combine window instead of dragging 3 books individually each time. Simply keep pressing the Submit button to convert them until your stack is depleted.

Added a close button to the pet Skills window.

Battle Wolf's debuff improved from -10% All Defense to -20% All Defense and -25% PvP Bonus Damage.
Battle Tiger's debuff improved from -10% All Evasion to -20% All Evasion and -25% PvP Bonus Damage.

General Monster DNA drop chance has been improved slightly.

Reduced the size and adjusted the position of potion rank text (I, II, III, IV etc.) slightly as it was getting hidden by the item count text if you had a 3 figure count.

Adjusted the positioning of item count text and shortcut key text slightly.

The skill and item cooldown countdown font will now be on the top layer and not get hidden by the item count text or the cooldown countdown overlay.

Tidied up the item rarity border that you see around items to show it's rarity type (Epic, Rare, Uncommon etc.) so that it doesn't obscure the actual icon.

Dispel All Potion icon color changed to pink from green so it's not confused with the normal Poison dispel potion.

The percentage based HP and MP potion icons were looking a bit cramped when added to a skill bar so the amount text has been removed and I, II, III, IV etc. etc. added instead.

Attention Potion colour changed from aqua blue to pink as it was a bit too similar to some of the other potions.

Slightly modified the HP and MP Regeneration Potion icon as it was too similar to the normal HP and MP Potion icon when in the skill bar and obscured by the shortcut key and item count texts.

Bugfix: Corrected the missing rarity overlay on items dragged from inventory to the skill bar. They would eventually start showing after a map move or relog.

Bugfix: The guild name now displays correctly in the Guild interface header.

Corrected several error messages in game relating to using a mount or transforming into a monster to read "You cannot use the item in your current condition", or "You cannot use a mount at the moment" instead of the incorrect "Can only be used when standing."

General Manu's Vile Aura has been corrected. It was incorrectly set as a 10s debuff when it's actually an aura that is supposed to last until a specific point in the fight. The damage it does every 2 seconds will now display above characters affected by it (it was not showing before).

Thanks to the new bugtrap system and player bug submissions I found a client startup error relating to the sound system initialisation that a couple of players are experiencing. The client just doesn't start and gives no error message or warnings - it will now say "Failed to Init Audio SoundSystem". I don't know why they are experiencing this issue but at least now they will know it's something relating to their audio setup and they can check drivers etc.

The bugtrap system also helped me correct an issue with damage numbers being sent from the server to the client for an unknown object (could be an out or range monster, player or pet taking damage, a dismissed pet or despawned monster, disconnected player etc. etc.) causing the client to crash.

Bugtrap also helped to find and fix an issue with the Quiz system that could sometimes crash the client.

I also received several submissions relating to crashes at the character selection screen that look to be a bug with camera rotation that I am still looking into.

Thanks to everyone that submitted their crash reports, it's very helpful - keep it up :)
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