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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Tuesday, February 20 2018, 09:52 AM in Updates
The following updates will be applied on Friday night at server restart (Midnight). The server will be down for approximately 1 hour.

It's our 7th birthday and we kick off the events starting at 01:00 on Saturday morning.

Check Sedy in Terminus for a few new Anniversary quests that award a great title and medal!

Valentines event NPC, quests, Store items removed.

Class balancing updates posted here will be applied.

All classes will have their skills reset due to these changes, so you will need to relearn everything. It might be a good idea to screenshot your current skill builds to make it easier but some builds may need to be changed due to the addition or reduction of ranks of some skills and their requirements.

Remove Reforge
Mantle reforges can now be removed at NPC Joan Armatrading or Xavier Thomas using Remove Reforge.

11 new Greatsword Schematics, each with 3 colour variations, have been added to the Store and some of the older axe style schematics have been removed.

Here are a few of them - check the store for the rest and the colour variations.


New Mantle Schematic, Firestorm added to the store.


New Mantle Schematic, Red Rose added to the store. It was meant for Valentines but didn't get patched in properly. I will leave it on the store for a while.


Fixed an issue with Von Stein's Mansion treasure chests respawning when they should not. They spawn once per dungeon reset.

Battlefields will now use the Hero Rating system when forming teams. They will be using player's maximum recorded Hero Rating, so taking off equipment before a match will have no effect.

Issue with canceling Auction House items and being sent the wrong items resolved.

Issue with adding the same item to the Auction House several times under certain conditions resolved.

Shortcut Settings
You can now set shortcuts for summoning your pets, commanding them to Attack, Come back, Stay, Auto Attack etc. in the Shortcut Settings. The pet commands default to the Numeric Pad and Page Down buttons:

Numeric 0: Pet Attack
Numeric 1: Summon Pet 1
Numeric 2: Summon Pet 2
Numeric 3: Summon Pet 3
Numeric 4: Summon Pet 4
Numeric 5: Summon Pet 5
Numeric 6: Summon Pet 6
Numeric 7: Recall Pet (stop attacking)
Numeric 8: Pet Stay
Numeric 9: Pet Dismiss
Page Down: Toggle Pet Autoattack

You can now modify the hotkey settings for bar 5 (default Shift+1-0) and 6 (default Shift+QERTFGZXCV) in Shortcut Settings.

The N key now defaults to opening the Points & Reputation window and can be changed in Shortcut Settings.

The Shortcut Settings with defaults applied:

Button Bar & Menus
The Button Bar has been given a revamp and now has buttons for opening Hero Info, Inventory, Quest Journal, Friends, Skills, Mailbox, Pets, Store and a Main Menu, as well as changing your PK status.


The Hero, Community, Life and Options menus have been combined into one larger Main Menu that slides in from the side of the screen. The Main Menu can be quickly opened and closed with the Insert key or by clicking the Main Menu button in the Button Bar.

The Giftbox, Daily Gift and SlotZ buttons have been moved from the main screen to the Main Menu.

The Button Bar can now be repositioned by dragging it. It's position will be saved when you exit the game.

The Mail button displays if you have unread mail, and the new mail notification has been removed from the Hero unit frame.

The Skill button displays if you have Skill Points available to spend.

The PK menu has been combined with the Button Bar, allowing you to change your PK status.

Exit Window
The Exit Window (ESC key) has been updated and now has buttons to open the Game Options, Shortcut Key settings, Character Select and Exit Game. The menu can be opened with the ESC key as always.


The quickbars have been given a minor facelift - they are now more transparent and the spacing has been tightened up a bit. They also have visual grippers on the left edge for adjusting their position.


Additional blank space removed from the right side of the main chat interface so you can now position it on the right side of the screen if you prefer.

The Auction House window positioning is now saved.
The Casting Bar positioning is now saved.
The main Pet window positioning is now saved.

Fixed buggy guild interface experience bar texture.
Fixed bugged buttons in the NPC talk windows after speaking to Joan Armatrading in Terminus.

Fixed the issue of randomly disappearing tooltips.

Fixed NPC Citation error when trying to take some daily dungeon quests from notice boards in Port Plunder, Tainted Fen, and Sandstorm Desert.

Fixed the issue of disappearing quests on notice boards in some maps (Port Plunder and Sandstorm Desert most notably).

NPC Location
Updated all quests with the correct NPC locations. Previously the location was pointing to where the quest takes place, not where the NPC is located.


Now quests display the location of the quest (ie, where the monsters you need to hunt are) and also the location of the NPC you need to hand the quest into when completed.

If the quest is not map specific or unknown it will say Location: Arcana, or Location: Terminus.

Quest Target Markers
Monsters are now marked if you require them for a quest. If you have a quest to hunt Choco Ringtail x 20, Choco Ringtail monsters will have a yellow exclamation point next to their name.


Quest Tracker
Selecting any of the quest duties/information (like Hunt Mush x10) will now open the quest in the main Quest Journal (selecting the quest name in the tracker will select the quest so you see it on the map, as before).
Selecting the MAP button (if available for the quest) will now open the map.

The game client is now DPI aware and does it's own scaling when you have setup Scaling in the Windows Display Settings to increase the size of your applications and text. This setting is quite often enabled by default when you have a small screen with a high resolution, like most modern notebook computers, but also if you have a desktop monitor with a resolution above 1920x1080 (depending on it's size). It will usually be set to 125% or 150%, sometimes higher.

Windows 10 Display Settings with Scaling at 150%

The game's 3D graphics, user interface, and fonts will now be resized internally based on the DPI scaling you have setup in the Windows Display Settings. If you have Windows set to 150% Scaling in your Display Settings, the game window, graphics, UI and fonts will also scale by 150%. This was already the case before, but because the game client was not DPI aware, Windows was scaling it, stretching the 3D graphics, UI, and fonts and making everything blurry - now it is aware of the scaling setting and will scale everything properly itself.

Because the client is now doing the scaling, you will find some of your available window sizes/resolutions missing in the game's audiovisual settings. If you have a maximum screen resolution of 1920x1080 and you have 125% Scaling setup in Windows, your max available size in the game will now be 1536x864. However, since you have 125% Scaling, it will effectively be 1920x1080, and visually the same as before.

The result of these changes is much crisper 3D graphics and sharper text when playing on high resolution displays with scaling activated, and no noticeable difference for those that do not have scaling activated. A lot of the texts in the game are actually images so they will still appear slightly blurry as they are still being stretched, but I will be gradually replacing them with proper text where necessary.

Right-click the image below and open it in a new tab/window and see the result of these changes. Notice how much sharper my character is, and the text above his head are. No jagged edges - clean, crisp and clear :)


Extensive changes were made to the game client coding and a lot of UI textures and settings, so please let me know if you find any issues with bad positioning/sizing, incorrect textures etc.

Full Screen Mode
There were some issues with Full Screen Mode previously due to the client not being DPI aware. If you had Scaling setup above 100% and tried to play in full screen mode you would often end up with a glitched client that you could not close without logging out of your Windows account. When attempting to switch to full screen mode it was trying to switch to a resolution above what your monitor could display due to the scaling.

Switching to full screen mode will now automatically use your maximum available resolution and use a frameless/borderless max resolution window. This has the benefits of being very fast to switch to, alt-tabbing to other open applications is more fluid, and the game graphics are not distorted or stretched if you have selected a lower resolution than the resolution you have selected in Windows Display Settings.

Players that insist on playing full screen at a lower resolution than their selected resolution in Windows will need to adjust their resolution in Windows, not the game.

The Resolution dropdown will no longer display duplicate resolutions.
Resolution dropdown will no longer display 16bpp modes, only 32bpp. It's 2018.
Resolution dropdown will be disabled if Window Mode is unticked and your current screen resolution will be used to create a fullscreen borderless game window.
Available resolutions in the dropdown are now based on what Scaling you have setup in Windows Display Settings. If for example you have 150% Scaling selected, any resolution multiplied by that scaling that would exceed your maximum monitor size will be hidden.
Added additional error messages when an update file cannot be saved to disk to help me fix the annoying bug some of you get when I patch new files in.

Latest News, Updates, Events, Facebook/Youtube/Discord links will now open in your default browser, not Internet Explorer.

Repair Mode no longer allows you to start the game once the repair is complete - clicking the Start button after the repair is complete will open the IrisLauncher, just in case the repair mode patch server isn't quite up to date with the normal patch server.

A recent change to the client to enable it to use more RAM on 64 bit Windows had the side-effect of causing crashes for players still using 32 bit Windows with only 2 Gigabytes of RAM.

The launcher will now check your Windows operating system version to see if it's 32 or 64 bit and launch an appropriate client executable. This will reduce game crashes when entering dungeons, or generally when memory starts getting low, for players still using 32 bit Windows.

Please be aware that the game requires 1.5-2 Gigabytes of RAM minimum, so if you only have 2 Gigabytes total RAM you will run into issues eventually after playing for some time and moving maps/dungeons etc., especially if you have other applications open.

Reduced the viewing range of dynamic objects (NPCs, monsters, players, pets) in Terminus. All other maps remain unchanged.
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