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Lucifer Lucifer
posted on Tuesday, September 13 2022, 11:09 PM in Game Suggestions

~Rogue and Ranger~
Assassin & Wind Walker: Add new +Resistance Self Buffs with a 30 minute duration
Assassin: (1)Return Exterminate's Invoked Effect
Wind Walker: (1)Increase the Drain HP buff's duration to 1 minute (2)Decrease Smoke Bomb's exploding time
Sharp Shooter: (1)Reduce Barbed Shot's CD (2)Increase Snipe's Armor Penetration to 70%
Sniper: (1)Reduce the amount of -Physical Attack Damage on Disengage

~Warrior and Fighter~
Templar & Champion: No suggestions as I have never played these classes in PvP
Myrmidon: Nothing
Soul Blader: Nothing
Vanquisher: (1)Reduce the CD on Cyclone by 10s and the CD on Frenzied Edge by 5s
Crusader: Nothing

~Mage and Shaman~
Wizard & Sorcerer: Nothing
Saint & Prophet: (1)Remove the Cast time from the attack skills as they trigger the global CD
(2)Remove the shared CD from the DISPEL skills (3)Remove the global CD that is triggered when casting Prophet's Debuff Immunity circles


Strength: Reduce the amount of Physical Protection it offers
Stamina: Nothing
Agility: Nothing
Intelligence & Wisdom: Increase the amount of Max MP it offers when used by a MAGE/SHAMAN class so that any decently geared lv100 MAGE/SHAMAN would have atleast 75k MP, 90k at max(If the user is full of All Stat Card VII)


The point of view behind these suggestions:

(1)Restistance Self Buffs: Wouldn't be a noticable change but It would help a little bit every now and then, maybe +5% Resistance like sniper's and sharp shooter's +Accuracy buffs
(2)Assassin: I feel like Asssassin has fallen behind after the removal of it's Silence(Poison type) skill and the nerfing to the other Crowd control debuffs, the Drain HP from Exterminate's invoked effect would help a little
(3)Wind Walker: I feel like this skill's duration should be higher as it's CD is big, as for Smoke Bomb's exploding time, it really takes too much time, should explode faster as nobody would ever get caught in it if it takes it's time to explode, what's the point of having a skill if it's to be dodged every single time?
(4)Sharp Shooter: It has really been behind ever since it's ITD and -Defense skills got nerfed, reducing the CD on Barbed Shot would be a good start to try and bring it back to the field, and a good amount of ITD added to Snipe considering it's CD is big while having no CC/Invoked effects on it
(5)Sniper: Should reduce the amount of -Physical Attack Damage on Disengage to improve the efficiency of Hitting and Running, or another suggestion would be leaving Disengage as it is and instead, add Move speed to Engage removing the +Physical Crit on it, don't really know which would be better as it has been a long time since I've played the sniper class, maybe ask the snipers themselves for their opinions
(6)Vanquisher: The CDs on it's stuns are really long, making Vanquisher very reliant on needing to take a good amount of it's target's HP in the duration of these stuns, considering the amount of defensive stats characters got nowadays and the amount of consumables, it's quite difficult to accomplish that, reducing the CDs on these stuns would make it more fair for Vanquisher since you'd get to cast your combo more often, increasing the total damage output for Vanq in PvP
(7)Base stats: as a Warrior, I feel like the strength stat should offer a little bit lesser physical protection than that.
As for the Intelligence part, it'd be a good start to revive mages a little bit, giving them a better chancen to beat the Warrior/Fighter Class while not making them broken like before(110k-130k MP)
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  • Accepted Answer

    J J
    replied on Wednesday, September 14 2022, 01:08 AM #Permalink
    I can't speak too deeply on other classes but I agree for the healer suggestion; it isn't necessarily a global cooldown but certain skills trigger a cooldown on healers' shield and abs skill which I think isn't needed. For the attack skills mentioned, removing the cast time could be the solution if healers gcasting using attack skills is the concern?
    For the dispels, I agree and also think that the cooldown on dispels when mounting should be removed; the purpose of a global cooldown while mounting was to prevent gcasting, which isn't possible with dispels anyway.
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  • Accepted Answer

    Kuri Kuri
    replied on Wednesday, September 14 2022, 05:01 AM #Permalink
    I do agree with all the things stated above. Especially on the significant nerf on mages. Almost all the players before have invested time and money building theirs. To be fair for them, atleast make changes that will benefit the mage race, but not dominate all other races like it did before. And I also have a suggestion about crusader’s stun skills, the success hit rate on Shield stun and Unadulterated Strike are low given that it only stuns for 2seconds, either up the succes rate to 80% or make the duration of stuns longer.
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  • Accepted Answer

    AsianRider AsianRider
    replied on Friday, September 16 2022, 10:02 PM #Permalink
    i havent been on for so long, decided to hop on the site and saw this thread :D
    still unbalanced till this very day xD.

    bring back gcast, i still need to master it lol.

    how i miss my guildmates(SplitPersona), brings back funny moments lol

    enjoy playing this game guys, watever ya do in life dont be like me and still have over 50k moolah in game not used yet and still tradeable too!

    someday i might just hop on and do a little give away :)
    cya noscrubbies![/b]
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